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Introducing Q&A Syndication: The latest on ActiveCast and Community Syndication

Khoros Staff

Investing in Community Syndication  


At Khoros, we believe that every user should be able to harness the power of Community anywhere in your branded digital experience. With that in mind, whether you have access to a development resource or not, we want to provide a way for your users to ask questions and get answers in the context of their journey.

Q&A Syndication surfaces community content through iframes via client-side JavaScript that brings contextual help, crowd-sourced knowledge, and community engagement into any digital experience. Bring the conversation about a product in the community to your product e-commerce page, product support page or as part of a live question and answer session during an event.

Also, building off of Product Associations, conversations in Q&A Syndication can automatically create a Product Association by including the product-id as a parameter. Now you can see the latest topics, top topics and latest replies about a product from chat outside of your community echoed inside of your community.

Later this year, we also plan to launch two more syndicated experiences, one focused on embedding content lists in external experiences and the other to power comments on any external page or article.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, feel free to shoot me a PM and be sure to check out the links below.

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