Atlas Proudly Adds Pronouns Option to Profile

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


Khoros is committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all, and that means recognizing the pronouns each of us use. Pronouns are used to refer to a person’s gender, and aren’t always what you might expect just by looking at someone. 

While not required, using your pronouns on Atlas can be a good way to remind people of your pronouns and continue normalizing discussions around them. Click here for more information on what pronouns are and how you can get used to using pronouns like they/them.


Here’s how to include pronouns on your profile today!

Update your profile

Your profile management tools can be accessed by clicking on ‘my settings’ under your avatar icon on the top right of Atlas. Once on the ‘My settings: Personal’ page, click on the dropdown bar and select ‘Personal information.’


CoryD_1-1627487686734.pngFrom here, you can add your preferred pronouns. Here are a few that are more commonly used:

  • He/Him/His
  • She/Her/Hers
  • They/Them/Theirs

After saving your preferred pronouns, click the ‘Make pronouns public’ link to be taken to your privacy settings.

Making pronouns public

On your ‘Privacy Settings’ page, you can change who can see what on your profile. To have pronouns displayed on your profile, set ‘Show private information in profile’ to ‘All.’ 

This option only displays some basic information on your profile including: name, pronoun, bio, friends list, and social fields if filled in.

Your email address is not displayed.



Now you can proudly display your pronouns on your Atlas profile.