Atlas Redesign Update

Khoros Staff

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The Atlas team is proud to present the next stage of the Atlas Redesign Project! Since the previous redesign, we’ve continued to listen to our members’ comments and suggestions about Atlas and believe we are moving in the right direction. 

Take some time to review the updates and learn about the strides we have made to enhance your experience with Khoros and our community. 

Let us know what you think about the changes here in the comments or in Suggestions for Atlas! Your feedback will continue to drive the changes that you want to see.

Navigation Bar


As the most common starting point for users, the Navigation Bar has been a focal point for the team. 

This update comes with a now beautifully interactive menu where color-coded category tabs light up. We also fixed a few issues from previous iterations by placing a permanent search bar and solving the disappearing category icons. 

Category Page


Every category in Atlas is unique, filled with a wealth of information for you to discover. We wanted our category top pages to reflect that.

Each category now has product colors for visual signposting, keeping in line with the navigation bar theme. We reduced the number of category cards and shifted the group hub component higher, making it easier to distinguish discussion types and find content. 

*Release notes are now located in the blogs area.




The process of searching the community has been streamlined with a few simple changes. 

Filters are now located on the left sidebar, and more visibility is given to the basic search options. We are currently continuing work on improving search performance. 


Three Dot Menus

We have replaced the three vertical dots menu (kabob menu) on Search, Group Hubs, Blog/TKB Dashboard, and Private Messages with more descriptive options. This gives users better visibility into the purpose of different menus.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Love the new look @CoryD. I guess I'll have to get busy updating our How We Built It article to include the design for the new custom nav 😀. Nothing like job security 🤣


Looks good, well done.

Khoros Staff

Love the color schemes with the solutions and the search bars!


Khoros Alumni (Retired)

looks GREAT team, well done!


Much improved navigation experience. Thanks for taking the feedback and making this look and work better.
One tiny piece of design feedback: I think the hover state of the main category items looks better without rounded corners. Apart from that, shoutout to @NoraG for the balanced and sleek design. 🌟

Curious to learn what your plans are for "improving search performance": Are you looking at the UX "performance" or backend? If there's anything you can share that us customers can replicate that would be fab.


Great job on the redesign! A QQ, what is the best way to flag an issue?

If you do a search and the site shows a search suggestion instead there is a UI issue affecting anonymous, and authenticated users. 


To reproduce, do a search for group hubs membership

If you use a more generic term such as test, or test test the issue doesn't occur. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


Thanks for the comments! We are working on a couple of search issues that have been flagged so far and we've made some updates, but I don't think we have this one sent up yet. For issues that you spot around Atlas, please e-mail and let our Community team know how to replicate what you're experiencing.