Autumn Innovation Launch: Embedding ease and trust into every engagement

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

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No matter where you are right now, the seasons are changing — And your award-winning customer engagement platform is no different. Even after a year and a half of meeting your customer's needs under challenging and ever-changing circumstances that the pandemic has brought, we understand that providing your employees with the tools and knowledge to solve a multitude of new customer issues continues to be a huge priority.

As part of this year's Autumn Innovation Release, we're focused on empowering digital frontline workers to deliver better customer experiences easily and securely. Build AI-powered chatbots more painlessly than ever, connect with your peers at the drop of a link, create simple and secure interactions, and ultimately build trust with your customers and prospects.


Here' what's new:

Self-service chatbot platform

Although this is only available for early access customers right now, it merits going first. This platform enables non-technical employees to easily customize chatbots, no coding necessary. This means the ability to build more efficient customer service flows to connect people and knowledge more quickly — all in the hands of the people on the front lines of communicating with your customers.

Zoom integration in Community events

Community Events on the Khoros platform just hit a new level. We know you’ve probably been on Zoom quite a bit in the past 18 months (so have we!) and now we’re bringing the power of Zoom to community events. Easily embed Zoom meetings or webinars into events so people can watch and interact live via Zoom chat, Q&A, or emojis — and continue threaded discussions and network via the Community. Bringing the world of live video together with Community Events helps recapture that lost informal interaction that was the best part of in-person events.
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Secure forms

Listen up, digital contact center folks! Ever had to get some secure information (an account number, a birthdate, etc.) from your customers during a customer service interaction? It used to be a real pain to do so securely — but not anymore. With secure forms in the Khoros platform, agents can easily collect sensitive data without the security concerns that come with your typical communication channels. They don’t even have to leave the messaging channel to do it. This one is also just for our early access customers — for now.

Private message escalation 

This new feature for Communities built on the Khoros platform gives superusers (or whoever you choose) the option to escalate a question or comment to the right person who knows how to respond. That’s right: even the community superusers we love so much sometimes don’t know the answer to a question, but they can still help you cut down on time and increase customer satisfaction by directing inquiries where they need to go.

The best part? This type of escalation is flexible! You can choose to escalate posts that haven’t been answered for a certain time, posts where AI detected profanity or abuse, or even posts from first-time community members or special customers. With private message escalation, there are so many new ways to flexibly handle a wide variety of customer posts with specific resources.
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Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in learning more.