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Hospitality Brands: Facing the Pressure with Digital Solutions + NEW AUDIBLE VERSION - It’s clear that travel brands need to expand their reach into new channels and customer engagement methods, but what might be the best path to accomplish this? Read or listen to find out! 

Serving Customers in the Face of Crisis: Redux + NEW AUDIBLE VERSION - In an age when everyone can be a video journalist or digital columnist, a brand’s simple mistake can cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. 

A Cautionary Tale: The time TikTok users shut down a billion-dollar company’s page - When it comes to crafting TikTok content, there are a lot of tips and tricks floating around the marketing industry. Making something truly worth watching is one piece of advice that seems to miss these knowledge roundups. 

Managers and Mental Health: Managing Crisis Moments - We wanted to share some key learnings and helpful tips for navigating being in the weeds of social media while also taking care of your mental health.

Digital-First Customer Service: The logical next step beyond self-service (Webinar Clip) - Brands have created a CX monster — beginning when customers are directed to “Call our 1-800 number.” Listen to Lans Crauer, Khoros Senior Business Value Consultant, share how brands can unravel this customer service mess to help deliver a truly digital-first, omnichannel experience. 


Create an unscheduled message - Sometimes, you need to save a message as a draft without specifying a Publish time/date. 

This can be useful if you want to build up a bank of approved content for later use or when you want to prepare messages for crisis communication.

How to build your social media safety net - Marketers have enough challenges right now — brand protection shouldn’t be one of them. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to simplify and streamline brand protection.  


Best practices for managing a crisis - Crises can rapidly increase social traffic that demands an apt response from your brand and some measure of follow-up reporting. Care provides the tools you need to capture and report on crises as they unfold.

Crisis Management in Khoros Care - Every Social Care team should be prepared for an unexpected spike in inbound contact volumes. While such spikes can sometimes be caused by an unanticipated crisis situation, the cause may also be benign or even positive.


Best Practices for Community Management in a Crisis - In times of crisis, digital engagement has become the primary channel for interactions. This represents a huge shift for many businesses while most employees are also under a tremendous amount of personal stress.

There are three main reasons why now is the best time to focus on your online community. 

Community Settings and Features for Crisis Management - During a time of crisis, whether it be global or brand-focused, it is important to continue to communicate with the members of your community and your employees.

 A brand community is the best way to help your people help each other and can substantially ease the load on other digital channels.

Webinars & Events
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Khoros x Slalom Connect | Austin, TX [In person event]

  • February 23, 2023 | 11:00 am - 5:00 pm CT
  • Slalom Austin Offices | 816 Congress Ave, 19th Floor

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