Maia Q4 review

Khoros Alumni (Retired)



Hello Atlas, greetings once again from the Maia team! I wanted to take a moment and give everyone an update on what’s been going on with Maia in the last quarter. 

Check on Caseportal Case

We understand that you need to be able to quickly check on support cases, so we created a flow that will allow you to do just that. Now you can open the chat bubble on Atlas or and type “Check on case” then you can choose to input a case number or have Maia look for recent cases.  



Escalate Caseportal Case

Once you’ve checked on a case, the only logical next step would be to give you the ability to escalate that case if you feel that the issue is not be being given the consideration it merits. You can do this two ways with Maia, you can click the “escalate” button after checking on a case, or you can simply type “Escalate a case” within Maia’s chat. 


Google Business Messages

One of the amazing things about the chatbot Khoros offers is the ability to integrate with almost every channel out there. We built flows specifically for Google Business Messages because we wanted to make sure anyone contacting us from that channel could benefit from Maia as well. If you message us from Google Maps, Maia will be replying to your message. 


Apple Business Chat

In the same vein as GBM, Maia has been enabled to cover our Apple Business Chat as well. Apple Business chat is a little more complex as it follows the same boundaries that sms messaging does, so you cannot use buttons to guide the user. For this channel we have to rely on the AI/NLP that powers the chatbot to answer questions that users might have. 


Improved Product Coaching flows

One of the coolest services that Khoros provides is our Product Coaching program. This program allows you to sign up for one on one coaching sessions with product experts. We have made flows that make signing up for these sessions as easy as possible without having to search Atlas to find them. Simply type, “Product Coaching” into Maia and answer a few questions to find the session you need and sign up for it all within Maia’s chat! This is a great way to find the help you need without having to navigate to a different page. 

Product coaching example.gif

Automatic agent handoff after unknown reply

When you are logged in to Atlas and looking for help, we want to ensure that you are finding what you need in a timely manner. So we have added an action on Maia’s backend that automatically transfers you to an live agent when they are not understanding what you are saying. We hope this will help you get the help you need when and where you need it. 

So that’s all for this update, but stay tuned as we are going to continue to innovate and teach Maia to be the most useful virtual assistant around.