Social proof drives customer acquisition

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

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Social proof, which is sometimes called social validation, is one of the most powerful forms of human persuasion. Many of the most popular sites in the world — sites like Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, and Quora — host reviews, but brands that rely exclusively on these sites for social proof cannot maintain a consistent customer experience and aren’t able to access or control crucial customer data. The most effective way to generate positive social proof is through brand-owned communities.

87% of people read reviews, and 79% trust them as much as a personal recommendation

In our latest ebook, Khoros experts offer insights and best practices to help brands build social proof in the most effective way — by creating a digital space for customers to get answers, connect with peers, and share new ideas. Our community professionals lay out how collaborating internally, supporting customers, and creating superusers are three of the best practices to organically increase social proof. 

When brands feature ratings and reviews about their products or services, conversion increases by 270%

If your brand is looking for ways to elevate its community, look no further than social proof. Our ebook, Social Proof Drives Customer Acquisition is the essential solution for marketers seeking to overcome the noise and reach their audience with relevant, authentic messages.