Thanks for Helping Us Reach 100k Members!

Khoros Staff

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If you’ve kept an eye on the front page of Atlas recently, you’ll notice that we passed the 100k all-time member mark this month.

To our passionate community members: thanks for joining us on this journey!

Your contributions got us to this point - from your thoughtful posts and helpful comments, to your kind kudos and brilliant Accepted Solutions, to your willingness to help us build one of the best communities for you and your fellow pros.

When you see a colleague struggling with the same challenges you’ve been through, you offer help, advice, and insights.

That simple, consistent willingness to help is what makes this community special among others, and it’s what (I believe) will help us get to the 200k member mark.

In reflecting on what you’ve achieved together, we also want to ask for your favorite moments from your experience with Atlas and Khoros over the years.

Just to spark some ideas:

  • What’s your favorite thing about the Atlas community? Or your favorite memory?
  • What value have Khoros and the Atlas community brought to your day-to-day work?
  • What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from fellow CX pros here on Atlas?
  • When did you join, and what has the community helped you achieve since then?
  • What makes the Atlas community unique for you among other CX communities?

With the recent UX revamp and Titans program activities, plus roadmap updates, the future feels bright for Atlas. 

Here’s to the road ahead, and thanks again for being part of our community!

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My favorite memory still remains the first year of joining this enthusiastic and supportive community. The welcoming experience I received back then is what shaped how I'm trying to contribute back and what keeps me motivated to help, because everyone joining today could very well be in the same situation I have been back then.

Good memories with shades 😎