Updates to Atlas Aug-Sep 2020

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Events Beta

We have added Events Beta to the Khoros Event’s Group Hub. Head over to the Events area for a list of the Khoros Engage breakout sessions and keynote speakers. Make sure to RSVP and engage with your peers in any comments section!

Please note that Events are still beta, more information to come.

Community Strategy Discussion Forum

The new Community Strategy Discussion forum is now open. Subscribe to the forum to stay up to date on the latest community strategy discussions!

Increased Signposting

We are adding new signposting components, which are located on the bottom left corner. This is intended to better inform customers of which areas are public vs. customer only. This is not visible on all pages, including category pages with mixed content and some hidden group hubs. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on the Communities Blog to learn how this custom code was implemented.


Blog Label Cloud

As part of the team’s efforts to better represent each category’s content, we have introduced a label cloud to the top of the blog areas. The drop-down on the top left allows users to choose between 'Top Labels' or alphabetical. As we continue to work on categorizing content, the label cloud will improve and better represent the available content.  




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Khoros Staff

This is so exciting! Great job, everyone!!

Honored Contributor

Keep up the good work!! 😁

Honored Contributor

I have some feedback for you about the signposts on mobile - too big! Between the fixed header and the signpost is very little room for actual content.


I wonder if the signpost could be positioned in a relative instead of absolute position, especially on mobile.



Honored Contributor

"Renamed Tags to Keywords" - @AndyK @NoraG 

I'm a curious dude - What's the thought/reasoning/why with the name change?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)


We changed the name to more closely reflect the functionality. We found that a lot of users were confused about what the difference between Tags and Labels is, as they're effectively synonyms. We hope that the renaming will offer a clearer understanding from users who aren't as familiar with them as features.

Community Manager

@CarolineS - thank you for the feedback, let me have a look into it and see what I can do

Honored Contributor

@AndyK Do my eyes deceive me or did the signpost get smaller on mobile? Yay!!

Community Manager

@CarolineS  - indeed, reduced it by 50% on mobile. Actually pushed it last night but needed to finish testing something before I announced it 🙂