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Lithys 2015: Foxtel - Total Community All Star

Lithys 2015: Foxtel - Total Community All Star

Company: Foxtel  Foxtel logo.jpg
Entry submitted by: Skye Forrester (skoogle) Head of Digital Customer Contact – Social Media & Community

Community: Foxtel Community (


Lithy category: Total Community All Star



Foxtel is one of Australia's most progressive and dynamic media companies, directly employing more than 2,500 people, and delivering a diverse subscription television service to both regional and metropolitan areas over cable, satellite and broadband distribution.


Foxtel new 1.png

With our fast-growing customer base, almost 870k Facebook Likes and 100k Twitter Followers (as of 22 April 2015), the company required a robust and integrated solution to manage and service both customers and non-customers online – a fresh (but in-demand) approach to support and relieve the company’s traditional and heavily trafficked inbound/outbound call centre.

Central to our needs was the ability to (1) respond to Social Media enquiries with accuracy, speed and ease and (2) create the online destination, Foxtel Community, to tap into the audience’s passion for our industry and product; increase customer advocacy and engagement; and achieve call deflection through peer-to-peer and self-servicing.


Enter Lithium.


Benefits of a Total Community


Foxtel new 2.png


Foxtel Community and Lithium Social Web (LSW) are managed in-house by the Digital Customer Contact Team (DCCT). DCCT is responsible for helping existing and prospective customers with all Foxtel servicing enquiries received via digital channels:

Foxtel new 3.jpg


With the team split across two sites at either end of the country, it was imperative to equip agents with the right tools, training and ongoing support to provide a seamless and cohesive customer experience.

To this end, LSW enables and supports us to:


  • Respond to all enquiries directed to Foxtel in Facebook and Twitter
  • Take account level enquiries ‘offline’ to manage via phone, email or chat
  • Refer escalated enquiries to our dedicated Customer Resolutions Team
  • Moderate and implement a ‘3 warnings and you’re out’ system for page rule breaches to create a friendly, productive environment for all customers
  • Integrate reporting to the wider business for a full customer journey view

Crucially, LSW also enables early detection, root cause analysis and communication of customer impacting issues.

In addition to the above, Lithium’s Community enables and supports us to:


  • Communicate customer impacting issues and updates through to resolution
  • Conduct pilot/beta trials (closed groups)
  • Troubleshoot with customers, the leading driver of visits to Foxtel Community
  • Host our dedicated blog, The Green Room, to educate customers on our core offering – our programming
  • Promote campaigns and products to increase customer satisfaction and company revenue
  • Share Foxtel brand announcements
  • Offer peer-to-peer and self-servicing options for contact deflection
  • Build rapport with customers and potential customers to grow customer advocacy
  • Contribute ideas, feedback and innovations to Foxtel products and services
  • Implement a gamification strategy to keep community members engaged and active, and create subject matter experts
  • Provide 24/7 support to consumers on any mobile or fixed device
  • Optimize our Community using built-in SEO tools


Our Total Community results


We aim to answer all social media enquiries (Facebook and Twitter) within two hours during business hours, seven days a week, while posts in Foxtel Community that haven’t had a peer response are actioned after 48 hours.

In 2014, Lithium tools enabled us to action more than 480k servicing enquiries through social media, and play host to more than 920k unique visitors and 2.2 million page views.

In 2015 (up until 19 April 2015), we have so far experienced 157k servicing enquiries through social media, 699k unique visitors, and 1.76 million page views.


Importantly, Lithium Community and LSW greatly assisted us to manage major customer events – including the launch of our new pricing and packaging structure and the launch of our latest Personal Video Recorder, iQ3 – that would have previously been challenging for the business to handle due to the increase in customer contacts.


Customer Advocacy across digital servicing continues to increase YoY as a result of structured workflow (LSW and Community) for digital servicing.


Foxtel new 4.png


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