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Lithys 2015: Indosat - Marketing Champion

Lithys 2015: Indosat - Marketing Champion

Company: Indosat Indostat logo.jpg
Entry submitted by: Ghina Aliya (GhinaAliya) Community Manager, Forum ICITY

Community: Forum ICITY (

Lithy category: Marketing Champion


Indosat Tbk is a leading telecommunication and information service provider in Indonesia that provides cellular of prepaid services (Mentari and IM3) and postpaid services (Matrix), 3G services using HSDPA-technology, fixed data services including Multimedia, Internet & Data Communication Services (MIDI) and fixed voice (fixed telecommunication) services including IDD services and fixed wireless services. PT Indosat Tbk was established by the Indonesian Government on November 20, 1967 and now part of Ooreedoo Group (Formerly Qtel Group).


Forum ICITY (formerly Ngobrol Bareng) launched 3 years ago and known as “Indonesian 1st Crowdsolution Forum”. We utilizes Lithium platform to take Indosat customer experience to the next level. We empower our Community members to be powerful advocates for us. More than just awareness and advocacy, we were bond in the same passion, the joy of being part of Indosat Community.


On March 2015 ICITY has gained more than 20.000 members, more than 115.000 postings, over than 9 million pageviews and 2.500 questions that have received a resolution or answer in the community. These valuable answers have received 2. 431.002 views resulting in direct deflections and support cost savings.


Duta IM3 and Indosat Blackberry Community are former community members whom presence trigger others to join and participate on the forum discussion. Potential influencers that reach diverse segmentation, from youth to more mature audience.


Our marketing campaign


Welcoming Ramadan-holy fasting month for moslems worldwide- in Indonesia, on June 2014 Indosat launch “IM3 Play 24 Jam” Campaign which gave more benefits to customers such as free Calls and SMS for 24 Hours. To leverage community word of mouth toward this new service, we initiate Takjil24 program in 10 areas (smaller version of Indosat region).


The objectives are to empower Duta IM3-Indosat youth brand ambassador-on becoming powerful advocates also utilize Forum ICITY and social media to spread the stories. Beside online buzz, we gave more advantage to the surrounding communities through this program.


Date: July 19 2014 (simultaneously across Indonesia)

Time: 5-5.24 PM (local time)

Participant: Maximum 5 groups/Area (5 Duta IM3 per group)


To make it more fun, we launch missions for DUTA IM3 with Takjil24 as the 1st assignment. Advocacy “IM3 Play 24 Campaign” is the main focus while distributing takjil (snacks for Muslims to break their fast) to the surrounding communities in their own creative ways. 5 best groups will get top up on their balance also shopping vouchers.


Indostat chart 5.jpg

The participants needed to upload:

  • Posts on ICITY, Sub Category Sahabat IM3
  • Tweets
  • Youtube Videos (max 4 minutes)
  • All using #IM3Play24Jam #Takjil24 #DutaIM3 #GroupName hashtags


Results of our campaign


The stories about our new “IM3 Play 24 Jam” product spread out widely

  • 37 groups (185 DUTA IM3) all across Indonesia were joined

Indostat chart 6.jpg

  • 11,000 views on ICITY posts related to this mission
  • 1,600,000 impressions on Twitter, 700.000 accounts reached
  • 33,000 views on Youtube
  • More coverage on local electronic and online media

Indostat chart 8.jpg


Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: 2015 Lithy Submission

Thank you for uploading this also @JaniceK 

Hopefully our youth ambassador story would inspire others



ah, its good also, keep it up !



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Thank you for uploading this also @JaniceK 

Hopefully our youth ambassador story would inspire others




Aamiin 😉


great event Smiley Happy