Lithys 2015: Vodafone New Zealand - Support Savings MVP

Lithys 2015: Vodafone New Zealand - Support Savings MVP

Company: Vodafone New Zealand Ltd Vodafone logo.png

Entry submitted by: Mike Hales (VF_MikeHales) Digital Content Manager

Community: Vodafone Community (

Lithy category: Support Savings MVP


Vodafone NZ has been New Zealand’s leading total telecommunications provider for nearly 20 years. It is a provider of mobile, fixed line telecommunication and television services over 4G, Fibre, cable and copper. It’s a key player in the wider New Zealand community through its Vodafone Foundation activities as well as sponsoring key music and sporting teams and events.


Our customer care business goals


Our core goal is to deflect customer call by either providing a dialogue and answer online or provide contextual links to relevant content that may also answer the question. So, we have implemented a programme of work to integrate FAQs (from RightNow) as well as User Guides (from World Manuals) in context in topics to draw customers to quick answers. Additionally, we have created sticky posts to sit at the top of topics to answer the most common questions. Finally, we have have embedded video content into topics and answers for the same reasons as above.


The changes we implemented


We have now provided prominent links and promotions from our most common service touchpoints to direct customers to the Community – on web, mobile and through Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter.


Our business results


Using the formula of Unique visitors X resolution rate X deflection rate X cost per call, supported by data from an online survey with a strong sample size, we have been able to prove cost savings of more than NZ $3 million over a 2-year period, we’re expecting in year 3 to further show an increased deflection rate through provision of further self-help content and tools.

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