Lithys 2016: Telenet - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Lithys 2016: Telenet - Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Untitled30.pngCompany: Telenet NV

Entry submitted by: Geoffrey Ramon (Social Media Lead)

Community: Telenet Community

Lithy Category: Excellence in Customer Satisfaction


Telenet’s purpose is to help and inspire our customers to make the most of life and business in the digital world, and to do so wholeheartedly.


We brought superfast broadband to Flanders, we made phone calls via cable cheaper, and we made digital TV the standard. Telenet introduced its customers to a world of new possibilities.


Technologies which were in their infancy only yesterday are now accepted as standard. Customers don’t have to think about them;  they just want to get on with things.


If you are supported by exceptional services, you can let yourself go completely in what you want to do. Infinite possibilities help you focus on opportunities.


Families discover a completely new style of entertainment where they can watch what they really want to see, anytime, anywhere. Businesses are also discovering new opportunities as Telenet helps them to fully embrace the digital world.


Opportunities to make the most of life and do what we wish wholeheartedly and share it with others.


1 year of an amazing customer experience


Within Telenet, our mission is to make it our customers as effortless as possible. One our strategic pillars is to deliver an amazing experience, whether it is through our products or along the customer journey. To emphasize this, a separate department was founded 'Ace' = Amazing Customer Experience. Following from customer insights an intensive multi-year program was set in place, that allows us to visit all of our customers to fix inhouse connectivity issues, as this is the biggest grievance of customers.


Bearing the customer effortless and an amazing experience in mind. It brought us to being the N°1 Social Devoted Brand on Facebook in Belgium since June 2013 and belonging to the top 500 Socially Devoted companies in the world.


We’ve learned that there is a good appreciation in the market from our customers, prospects and opinion leaders on social media (acknowledged by


Resulting from, amongst others, these excellent results and keeping the effortless/ ACE in mind Telenet was ready to take on the next level in its social maturity by launching its own branded platform powered by Lithium in 2014.


As from the start it was made clear that the Telenet Community Forum needed to be an addition to the existing customer proposition and not a replacement. The main focus is out of boundaries support by a peer to peer community and being a home for internal and external beta tests.


Throughout the first year we achieved a great success in consumption, unique visitors and registrations.


But most of all, from the very start, we noticed an analytical but positive mindset from the community members towards each others and towards new members. Best illustrated during our latest price adjustment, we saw a neutral-objective tone of voice. A self- regulating base has been made for our future superuser program .


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 The issue that we are looking to solve with Lithium


Together with the growth of the approachable social media accounts, so grew the out of boundary questions towards Telenet.


  • A growing number of connected devices with specific settings and operating systems
  • “Out of the ordinary” set-ups of connected audio and video devices together with our inhouse modems/routers and their specifics
  • Numerous “internet of things” that are way out of our (company) league


All of these challenges needed a centralized, searchable and Telenet-branded approach, as an addition to our existing customer propositions.


From 2014, we were able to redirect customers towards the Telenet community. Both our spoken and our social media team had a specific solution towards our customers for all of their “out of boundaries” questions, resulting in linked traffic between social media and The Telenet community.