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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. GDPR is a set of new data privacy laws across Europe that are designed to protect EU citizens’ data privacy and reshape the way organizations approach data privacy.


We have been receiving an increasing number of questions on this, so wanted to provide an update on the steps Lithium is taking to ensure we are compliant. Here goes...


Lithium began working on GDPR compliance months ago.  Fortunately, we had a good head start, having already implemented compliance with EC Standard Contractual Clauses – a much more demanding standard than either the old “Safe Harbor” or the new “Privacy Shield” - so we have already implemented much of what is needed for GDPR compliance.   We’ve also worked with outside EU counsel to ensure we correctly interpret how GDPR will affect Lithium specifically, and to ensure we are handling EU personal data correctly.  For example, we confirmed our interpretations of consent requirements and other legal bases for processing personal data and exporting personal data from the EEA with our EU counsel.  As we near the May 2018 effective date for GDPR, Lithium will complete its GDPR compliance measures.  Lithium is continually examining and documenting our internal processes and any aspects of our product portfolio that relate to personal data handling, not just to ensure regulatory compliance, but more importantly to achieve best practices and satisfy our customers’ needs.   


If you’re looking for more information, I’ve included links below to our privacy policies, details on our subprocessors, and the official sites for GDPR and EC Standard Contractual Clauses. And I know this is complicated, so if you have specific questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll make sure they get addressed.


Hi there,


Do you have any specifics yet on what functionality or capabilities will be made available to support businesses with GDPR compliance requests (e.g. API updates)?


We are already reviewing how we might process customer requests in relation to GDPR compliance and how this will impact our community / LSMM platforms.


It is comforting that Lithium are being proactive in this space, however it would be good to have some more specifics 🙂


"As we near the May 2018 effective date for GDPR, Lithium will complete its GDPR compliance measures.".... as a business we will need to have processes and procedures implemented well in advance of this date so the more information you could can provide the better.






Our product management teams are currently in the planning phases for product enhancements related to GDPR compliance, and engaging in discussions with our customers to determine what features our customers would like to see.  We do not yet have any specifics in this particular area, as we have been focusing efforts to date on the rights of data subjects - the ability to obtain their personal data, make corrections, and the “right to be forgotten”. We would point out that current features of our Community and Social Media Management offerings do provide opportunity to post information about what your company is doing in the area of GDPR compliance, and to respond quickly to inquiries or other posts of social media about your compliance, but we would love to hear from you if there are features you would like to see that would specifically enhance these capabilities.

Thanks for the update @CeliaB

Thank you for this.  Our company is also working on this.  I am neither a lawyer, nor European, but according to our European colleagues this law is already in effect.  We are currently under a "grace period" where the law is not being enforced until May 2018.  But from what we understand, any company who is in possession of EU-citizen PII and not currently compliant with GDPR is technically breaking the law.  [source:].  We would be happy to collaborate with other companies and Lithium so that we can get this taken care of ASAP.




Hi Scott, Just to allay your concerns a bit, compliance with GDPR is not required until the May 25, 2018 deadline. Lithium intends and is actively working toward compliance by that date, and we would be happy to get any input you have to offer. We have currently been working with some of our EU customers to get their take on compliance needs, in relation to Lithium features and functions, and that has been very helpful to all parties involved. Celia

Hi @JohnD I got the communication  below and the doc says to ‘See for further details on the planned changes that Aurea is making that will affect both Jive-n and Lithium JX.’


Initially the link never worked for me (unauthorized) but now it does but info it goes to is for Jive-N only. What is the correct link please. Or does this apply to JX as well?


Thank you for your inquiry. The changes to the Jive-n platform related to GDPR compliance will also apply to Lithium JX because they both share the same platform functionality. The Lithium JX whitepaper on GDPR compliance is available through your Lithium CSM, or email

Thanks @CeliaB. Probably worth getting someone at Jive to update that post to say that it applies to both

Hi @GrantCostello - You can find all Lithium JX-specific GDPR compliance updates here -




Great GDPR info - we can never have enough. I have been batching the .JSON files for community data for a few test users. I don't see any reference to Private Messages. Can you tell if if they are included and I missed them or they are on a future release to be included in the batch .JSON file. Thank you Jason

@jasondmcclellan Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we will enhance the download to include a user's private messages in a future release.  

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