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Honored Contributor

Incorrect node key values and missing query string parameters for V1 API



The documentation for the following API call needs correction. The node_key_type values mentioned here do not work and also there is no mention of query string parameters to be passed for this call.


Could someone please update this and save developers' time in trying out different options to get the right result? OR point me to the right documentation please?




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Khoros Staff

Hi @srujanayeruvaka,

I'm currently tracking down the correct keys. 

Would you mind telling me your use case? Generally, customers don't create/change the community structure on the fly. It's certainly not prohibited. Just curious 🙂

Hi @SuzieH,


Brought this to your attention whilst answering this thread -


I had to try couple of query strings to make the API work as expected. Saves time if the documentation is more accurate. 🙂