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Honored Contributor

Rank up notifications bug

I think I may have ranked up to Advisor rank. Cat Tongue


FireShot Screen Capture #005 - 'Notification Feed - Lithium Community' - community_lithium_com_t5_notificationfeed_page.png

Anyone else seeing a similar issue in their notifications?


Lili McDonald
Senior Community Manager @ Udemy
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Community Manager

Hi @lilim


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we'll pass this along for investigation.




Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

Occasional Advisor

Exact same problem.

Honored Contributor

I have been receiving a lot of complaints from users about this. It seems that a lot of our users are bouncing up and down ranks but when checking the formulas, they are the standard formulas and quite a large buffer between ranks. Some of our users imported from the old forums have thousands of posts and the accounts are several years old so the only thing keeping the rank down would be the kudos + solutions score. I honestly have no idea why some of these users ranks are bouncing up and down like they are!