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Use of cursor: not-allowed

Hey Lithium,


I'm wondering why { cursor: not-allowed;} is being used on some of the pages here since the redesign, notably on the viewprofilepage. When hovering over someone's badges, their avatar or username, cursor:not-allowed is used, and it makes for an odd visual experience.


Maybe it's just me  😃

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Community Manager

Hey @StephenB


Thanks for flagging this. We are trying to track down the errant bit of code causing this and will hopefully fix it soon.


Hope you have a great weekend.




Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @StephenB

Forgot to loop back to the topic you started here: We already addressed this with last month's Lithium Community update and you should only see the "not allowed" cursor on disabled button elements now. Thanks again for flagging. 👍

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