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What is Khoros's Bug Process?

What is Khoros's Bug Process?


What is Khoros's Bug Process?



Khoros handles all incoming issues through our Support team. Our article on how to report an issue is available here.

During the triage and troubleshooting process, Khoros may identify a particular issue as a bug within the system.  At this juncture, we notify affected customer(s) with as much information as possible and that the issue has been identified as a bug. 

Our support team continues to be the primary point of contact for you and we leave the case open until the bug has either been resolved (after confirmation with the customer), deferred, or identified as a ‘won’t fix’. As a SaaS company, Khoros is not always able to commit to resolving certain bugs. However, we do commit to provide communication as quickly as possible.  In addition to this, we may defer a bug to an indefinite date when a specific feature comes up for rewrite. 

Throughout the lifecycle of an open bug, Khoros support continues to communicate the current status as best as possible along with any confirmed timelines.  Initially, Khoros does not commit to specific timeframes for bug fixes, but when the issue is clarified or placed on a Sprint for completion we will be able to provide a date for the release that the bug will be in.

Here are a few reasons why we're unable to specify timeframes when addressing bugs:

  • Our bug-vetting process is thorough, complex and in-depth.  This is a simplification of our process — but bugs are first triaged, then they're categorized as potential fixes based on a ranking of criteria:
    • The complexity of the issue
    • How widespread the issue is
    • How many similar issues to this have been reported and are sitting in the backlog, etc.
  • In addition to our bug-vetting process, we also have to take into account:
    • Any overlapping fixes or new features that have been checked into a pending release
    • Any overlapping fixes or new features that are in an upcoming future release
    • How this issue integrates into our overall QA process to prevent recurring issues

When we take all of these factors into account, it becomes impossible for us to provide an initial timeframe even on something that may appear to be a simple fix.

In all cases, Khoros partners with our customers to understand business impact which helps us prioritize issues across our customer base in a more effective manner.  For customers that have Premium support, this is completed through the Technical Account Manager.

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