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Submitting Support Cases - HTML error

Submitting Support Cases - HTML error

You know what would be really cool? If I could submit a support case without getting the absolutely unhelpful "your post couldn't be submitted because of invalid html code" error.

First - why is it I can't submit a post if I use bold, underline, or bullets? Totally ridiculous.

Second - if you won't let me use any or one of the above, WHY IS IT IN THE TEXT EDITOR AS AN OPTION?

Third - thanks for making me solve the mystery of whatever html code isn't accepted, instead of yielding an actually helpful error message. I totally have time in my day for this nonsense.



I created this idea @StanGromer as I think it would be helpful if those HTML error messages were more specific. Our Community regularly has issues where it says html not allowed and to review revised version and it looks like nothing has changed and you hit submit and it works. It's a bit of a mystery.