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Error:Failed to save flow Would you like to retry?

It has multiple buttons and is used in many carousels.
When working with a button, it is recommended that you move the button from one carousel to another.
However, if you move the button and save it, you are more likely to get an error.
The moved button may disappear from both the source and destination.

I think it can be easily reproduced.
Would you please check and fix it?

Also, I am aware of some other issues.
Where should I report these issues?
Is this bulletin board okay?
I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

* Because a translation tool is used, there may be some parts that are difficult to understand. please tell me.

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There is also a request to move the button

According to the current specifications, when you move a button, it is always placed at the beginning, but I am happy that you can move it anywhere.
I often want to put it in the middle.