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Trigger events are no longer displayed

After June 24th, if you select a button-triggered event that can be placed on a button, card, or carousel response type, the destination event will not be displayed.
It's inconvenient to update the created flow because you don't know which button is connected to which flow.
The same problem occurred when I opened another project from "SWITCH PROJECT" on the upper left of the management screen.
However, these are display issues and when you actually click the button you will jump to the originally set flow.
How should I deal with this symptom?

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@sakuma6, thank you for flagging this issue, our team is already working on this and it will be resolved very soon.  


Thank you for your reply

I have an additional problem
I have multiple buttons on a reply type button, card, or crew cell, and when I change the trigger event for a button, it looks like the trigger event for all the buttons has changed to the same setting.
This is a display issue and the behavior of the buttons hasn't really changed.
However, the last modified button will not work properly. Even if I press the button, the reading does not finish and I do not get a reply.

Waiting for the problem to be resolved.
thank you.

@sakuma6, you are most welcome. Just to confirm, do these additional issues still persist?


The issue has been partially improved, but not completely resolved.

The display of trigger events for existing buttons has been improved.
However, the trigger event for the newly created button does not work when the button is pressed.

@sakuma6, can you please share a sample conversation ID so our team can check logs for that?


I tested it to get a chat ID and the Issue went away.
Thank you very much!!

@sakuma6, you are most welcome, If you find my replies helpful, please mark it as an accepted solution.