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feature request.


I have a feature request.
1. I would like the ability to copy the REPLIE. Sometimes you want to move only certain REPLIEs between two FLOWs.

2. I want to change the color and size of the REPLIE text. I want to set CSS in HTML with BOT.

3. I want to automatically display today's date etc. in the REPLIE. I tried using the Date class with javascript from the action menu, but it doesn't work. Is there a way to enable this?

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Hello @sakuma6 

For 3 you can use actions. For example:
async payload => {
  try {
    const datetime = moment()
      const text = new Text(`This is a reply text from your bot with datetime: ${datetime}.`)
      const message = new Message(`This is a reply text from your bot as a fallback text.`)


  return message

  } catch(err) {
Please note that the time is always relative to the user's timezone. You probably need to reformat it to the users’ timezone. You can use moment js for that ->
Also, the user's timezone should also be available in his profile.