Analyze, Optimize & Grow - Modernizing Digital Care: Pt 3.3


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Welcome to part three of the Optimization & Growth blog, Growth.

In this session we will talk about things to consider when growing your Care programs, if you haven’t already please be sure to read and consider the steps in Part one: Analyze and Part two: Optimize

If you followed along on the Analysis & Optimization blogs, you have a better idea of what and how to successfully manage your agents and conversations, you may be asking questions like these:

  1. Which metrics should we be measuring that best map to our executive priorities? 
  2. We want to be more customer experience-focused, but what does that look like on digital channels?


There are a lot of things to consider when you make a decision to expand your channels. 

A lot of information on forecasting and staffing can be found here, but in this session, I want to talk more about the why and not so much the formulas for doing so.

Once you have all your stars aligned, you can now begin to determine if you actually needed to add more agents, or if a few adjustments actually improved your efficiencies to a point where you have more agents than you need...what a great time to consider adding another channel! 

One of the best ways to evaluate the need for channel growth is to consider the Customer Experience.  What do you know about your customers? B2B and B2C are very different, but each brand should also try to differentiate themselves from their competitors, based on their customers' needs. At the end of the day, we are all customers, and adding channels just because another brand does, is not always the best decision. 

Things to consider:

  • Demographics  - what are the channels your customers are most likely to want to interact with you? If they are millennials, they likely want to engage on their time or prefer to just search for answers.
  • Channel type - from above, where is your current volume coming from? Most likely private, that tends to be a default for many companies due to privacy.
  • Self-Service - sometimes the best decision is not to add a new channel, maybe you just need a little help from a Bot.  Or, if you do not already have a Community, it could greatly augment your staff and supply your bot with all the best answers!
  • Website volumes & trends - how many visits are you getting to your FAQs, Contact Us, and other product/service pages where customers are getting answers? Consider bounce rates: are your customers finding what they need or just leaving? If they are leaving where are they going? Google? Also, where are they coming from? Google?  This can be a big indicator that you do not have what they are searching for, or you don’t have an easy way for them to contact you.

Social, Messaging, Chat & Community 

Consider the customer experience in each of your channels. A11ey_2-1611166705334.png

Customers may all have the same questions but your response style should be tailored to the incoming channel.  Consider public versus private responses. Depending on your industry and your customer, public channels may require a faster response than private channels or vice versa. 

Business Goal Alignment

Aligning internal teams will help to determine what your KPIs should be and how to best meet the overall goals of your executives.

Once you gather all this data and take a holistic look at it, you should consider talking to your internal Customer Experience teams about Customer Journeys. What are they thinking about when it comes to overall Satisfaction?

What about your Marketing teams? Where are they posting ads, what campaigns are they considering, and do they have a plan for engagement?

Your internal teams likely have the same ultimate goals as you: to serve the customer with the best experience possible. So consider teaming up to create a plan for where your agents, Community Managers, Social Media Managers, Product Managers, etc. can add the most value to the customer.  

To wrap it up

There is no exact science to predicting what will happen next or what will work for every customer, but using some of the methodologies in this 3 part Optimization and Growth blog can prepare you to make your next best move!

Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

If you have any questions on the tips provided, please comment below and I’ll get back to you! If you enjoyed this and want to further explore the subject, please download our eBook, Modernizing your contact center.


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