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CRM Connector for Khoros Care

If CRM systems are the brain of any customer-first brand, its heart is the customer support software that delivers lasting customer experiences. The best brands bridge the gap between support teams and valuable customer data, creating a cohesive ecosystem that fosters efficiency, customization, and ultimately, superior customer experiences.

Successfully linked author to CRM recordSuccessfully linked author to CRM record

Included in Khoros Care, the new CRM Connector provides seamless integration between Care and

 Salesforce* that enables agents to manage CRM records and cases while managing omnichannel conversations with customers.

*Integrations with non-Salesforce CRMs require a custom engagement with Khoros Professional Services

For more information on getting started with this integration, check out the help articles below:


What’s New?

The new CRM Connector goes beyond our previous capabilities by leaning into automation framework tools. Built on modern APIs, the new connector provides a highly-configurable integration that streamlines Care & CRM workflows creating better experiences across multiple customer segments. 


Previous CRM Connector

New CRM Connector

CRM Case Actions Open / Edit / Link Open / Close / Edit / Link
CRM Case View View last three cases View ALL cases
Other CRM Objects View / Create / Edit / LinkBlakeB_0-1702061795626.png
Conversation Filtering - Filter by open / closed CRM casesBlakeB_0-1702061795626.png
Conversation response from Khoros Care Khoros Care / SalesforceBlakeB_0-1702061795626.png
Automation Rules Automate contact and case creation/linking with Smartview-based Automation RulesBlakeB_0-1702061795626.png
CRM Record Autofill During manual record creation During manual record creation / Leveraging Automation RulesBlakeB_0-1702061795626.png
BlakeB_0-1702061795626.pngdenotes premium features


The Premium Advantage

The premium version of the CRM Connector extends the ability to embed the Care Common Conversation Panel (CCP) directly into Salesforce so agents can easily access and review conversations related to their cases. It also allows for the use of Salesforce objects beyond Contact, Account, and Case. Lastly, it opens the door for automation which can eliminate agent intervention where needed.  

Common conversation panel in SalesforceCommon conversation panel in Salesforce




Get a demo of the Premium CRM Connector or contact your Khoros representative to get started.

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