[FAQ] Using Khoros Care in a Public Health Crisis

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Khoros hosted multiple webinars recently with our Khoros Care customers to share practical strategies and recommendations to best support your customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers from the webinars. 

How long does it take to implement the simple welcome response bot and how much does it cost?

The simple welcome response is currently in early access. We can enable it within one business day, but it requires three pieces of information:

  • The message you want to send
    • If you use the Business Hours capability, provide the messages for during business hours and after business hours
  • The channels and handles you want this enabled for
    • Can be used for private messaging channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, etc.)
  • Your preferred language 

While in early access, Khoros will need to set the welcome response up for you. Once we GA this functionality, you will be able to manage this configuration yourself in Account Admin.

The simple welcome response is currently included in the Khoros Care base platform at no additional charge during this early access period.

How long does it take to implement triage and FAQ bot use cases?

Existing bots can be plugged into our automation framework and running in as little as 3 to 4 days, depending on the complexity of your use cases. Implementing Khoros Bot takes about 2 to 3 weeks due to development, the complexity of the use cases and appropriate responses to direct customers. 

If there is a shortage in laptops should we ask agents to work in the Khoros care mobile app? If so, how?

Yes, absolutely. If you do not have mobile access enabled and would like to have it, please open a support case. It is a quick and easy handoff to your agents if you are low on laptops, but be aware that the workflows are different. On the mobile app, agents must claim the conversation, otherwise multiple agents may be working on the same conversation. Also, do not forget to enable push notifications so you can see when you get a response from a customer you have engaged with.

If you are going to have agents working on the mobile app, they still need to be in a low-disturbance environment where they can maintain customer privacy and be focused. 

Can you talk about how live workforce utilization can be used and when it will be available?

The live workforce utilization is especially helpful for while transitioning from a call center to a remote work atmosphere, as you are able to have a live view of your agents’ activity. You have the ability to monitor relevant statistics to gain insights into your team’s performance, capacity, and behaviors, and to identify any issues. 

This utilization will be available beginning in April.

If you would like to watch our Using Khoros Care in a Public Health Crisis webinar, we wanted to provide you with a full recording here.

If you’re more of a reader, you’re in luck, because we have a playbook here with everything covered in the webinar!

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