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How to Prepare a Push-Next Queue Pilot Program

Khoros Staff

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The push-next queue configuration option is a powerful tool to help your team depend on system configuration to set a priority of inbound items and the structure and pace for your agents.

Why would I consider a different queue configuration? 

"I didn't know what an efficient agent was until we launched this feature. 

What a difference!"

- Happy admin of a push-next team.


The below pilot plan is intended for administrators only.
Note: the piloting process below can be utilized for any queue configuration. Claim next, push next, or available.


Configure and enable agent states (if not already configured)

  • 1 “yellow” state required for push-next
  • Yellow states allow agent actions.


Select a group of agents to be your pilot team and select a target date

  • Ideally, your pilot users will be a sample of an existing team.
  • Inform these team members and supervisors that you will be piloting a new workflow starting on a specific date.
  • Train them on switching to “yellow” state at the tail end of their shift
    You can pass along this post that shows what to expect for common push-next configurations.


Create a “pilot” team placeholder

  • The team should be configured exactly like your other
  • Ensure the team has access to your yellow agent state
  • This document explains how to create teams


Create a dashboard or agent performance widget to compare teams

 STEP 5 

Launch Day


Run pilot for 48 hours - 14 days

  • Compare the performance of the 2 teams using the dashboard you created
  • Connect with agents around their confusion


Compare results

  • Look at your agent performance widgets from Step 4, comparing your original team and team piloting push-next