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How to work as an Agent with a Push-Next Workflow

Khoros Staff

If you’ve never worked in a push-next queue, you may have some questions on how to get work done, or what to expect from the workflow.

Below are a few examples of what to expect for completing certain jobs. Your manager likely has a specific process for you to follow. The below workflows can help you get started.

To Work Conversations

  • Login
  • Work the conversation in front of you.
  • After you respond, Click the “X” at the top right corner to clear a conversation move on to your next assigned conversation.
    Or close the conversation if it has been resolved.

Working Conversations 2.gif

Review My Recent Activity

Sometimes you may need to go back to a recent conversation to add a tag, close it apply an extra note etc.

  • Agent State: Available -> “yellow”
  • Recent Activity will be available at the top of your queue

Start my Day

  • Agent State: Available
  • Work Conversations from the queue

Take a Long Break (e.g. lunch)

Not all teams will utilize this workflow, but this can help you make sure you wrap up any active engagement with customers before you step out for a break.

  • Agent State: Available -> “yellow”
  • Switch your agent state to “yellow” Before closing your final conversation leading up to your break
  • Finish responses to conversations in your assigned to me queue
  • Switch to “red” state  OR LOG OUT (depending on the type of break)
  • This will depend on your team’s workflows
  • Take your break

Finish my Day

  • Agent State: “yellow”
  • 15-30 minutes before your shift ends, you’ll want to switch to a “yellow” state
  • Respond to conversations that are currently “assigned” to you from the queue on the left hand side.
  • By doing this work in a “yellow” state you can finish conversations you have already started throughout the day, but you will not get assigned any new conversations.
  • Logout