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Scheduled Care Downtime in February

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

*Update as of January 15* 

Good news! Our engineering team worked hard to find an alternate solution to minimize the downtime required during the early February release. Because of their diligent efforts, we now estimate that it will require less than 30 minutes of downtime to complete the necessary updates. Your account team will still reach out to you with the scheduled date and time for your downtime window as soon as it is available. Please reach out to them if you have any questions. 


Original Post

In 2018, we invested in infrastructure updates to significantly reduce planned downtime during releases, and since then we have rarely required any scheduled downtime. As we have continued to work to improve our infrastructure, we need to schedule a significant downtime (up to 3 hours) during the beginning of February. 

While downtime is never ideal, the purpose is to deploy an infrastructure upgrade that will even further reduce the need for downtime in the future as well as increase our ability to deliver innovative features in our product. The upgrade focuses on enhancing our data storage and access capabilities to provide much more flexibility in the future. This upgrade requires us to release on a rolling schedule during maintenance windows, the typical periods of minimal traffic. Your account team will reach out to you directly to confirm your scheduled date and time for downtime as soon as it is available. 

Because this planned downtime is more substantial than planned downtime in the past, we want to provide a comprehensive communication plan. In addition to the blog post, your account team will be reaching out to you with initial information (including the specific date and time of your scheduled downtime window when it is available). We will provide in-app notifications to remind you about the upcoming downtime, as well as additional in-app notifications tailored for your account based on your downtime window. Finally, we will also provide in-app notifications to remind all active users in Khoros Care immediately prior to the downtime taking place, as well as updating our Status Page with information. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your account team. We thank you for your patience and flexibility with this upcoming downtime.