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Khoros Staff

One of the most effective channels for self service is a brand-owned online community. Communities are engines for matching people with needs to people with resources; questions with answers, experts with novices, and emotional needs with those who have the capacity to giveTour.png

However, managing a community is equal parts art and science. Messy peer-to-peer interactions cannot be fully automated by algorithms and human managers cannot handle a large volume by themselves. Without operational tools to accelerate moderation and management tasks, a community cannot grow efficiently.

With Khoros Accelerated Community Management, our customers can say goodbye to manual routing and switching between their Community and Care instance to manage responses. And with community response analytics built into our Care product, our customers can confidently manage cross-channel conversations, agent capacity, and response times. 

Take an interactive product tour of our Accelerated Community Management solution to see how our comprehensive moderation and management tools provide faster and more flexible customer support operations. 

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