Using author tags to filter in analytics

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I got a question recently about how to use author tags to filter data in analytics, and I thought I'd create this short video to show how you can do this.

A key thought to remember is that tags on authors are used to filter conversations / posts just like post-level tags.

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Thanks a lot for the info. You make an excelent video 🙂

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Thank you. Great video, really helpful. 

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Is the "silver status" mentioned in the video somehow similar to priority levels? 


Khoros Oracle

@shawniko The silver status (and other loyalty variants) are referring to custom tags as defined by the brand admin, with possible rules to apply these tags automatically, These tags are not implicitly related to the builtin concept of Priority in the platform, and their "meaning" can be whatever it is that the brand wants to assign.

Of course, the custom tags can be used to automatically assign priority to conversations based on those tags, but that is driven by the definitions for the priority levels within Account Admin.