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Email Metrics in Community Analytics

Khoros Staff

Email Metrics in Community Analytics delivers one of the most sought after enhancements in our Ideas board and customer feedback sessions - provide a means to measure the efficacy of emails in engaging and bringing traffic back to the community. With the insights provided by Email Metrics, Community Managers can take appropriate actions to increase member engagement.

What are the available metrics?

The following metrics are available to track the journey of an email from the moment it gets triggered in the community to the recipient opening and clicking on a community link in the email.

  • Emails Requested
  • Emails Delivered
  • Unique Opens
  • Unique Clicks
  • Emails Bounced
  • Emails Dropped
  • Unsubscribe Clicks

The metrics are also segmented by community actions that trigger these email notifications. This includes - Subscriptions, Accepted Solutions, Mentions, Kudos and Private Messages. Any other community event/action are grouped under Miscellaneous (example : user rank change)

Below are the prerequisites for a community to benefit from the Email metrics feature:

  • should be on AWS
  • should be using SendGrid as the email platform
  • on Community Release version 20.11 or above

Email Metrics.png    *Data presented here is for illustrative purposes only; not to be construed as benchmarking.

You can infer the following from the above metrics:

Email notifications triggered by community actions


Emails delivered successfully


Number of emails opened at least once by users

24140 (40.8% Open Rate)

Number of emails where users clicked on the community link(s)

5169 (21.4% Click to Open Rate)


Open Rate measures the percentage of unique opens of the mails by users as compared to the total number of mails delivered.

For example: 

  1. If 100 users receive one email each, and 50 of them opens the email, then the Open Rate is 50%. 
  2. Similarly, if 50 users receive 2 emails each and 25 of them opens both of them, then the Open Rate is 50%

Click To Open Rate measures the percentage of emails where the users clicked on the community link(s) in the email as compared to the total number of emails that were opened.

From example 1 above, if out of 50 users who opened the emails, 30 users clicked the Community link(s) in those mails, then the Click To Open Rate is 60%.

Why do emails get dropped?

As per SendGrid, an email may get dropped due to a variety of reasons. These may include invalid SMTPAPI header, spam content in the mail (if Spam Checker app is enabled), unsubscribed address, etc. 

How to enable Email Metrics for a community?

Email Metrics is currently enabled for all the communities that are on AWS, on community version 20.11 and using SendGrid as the email relay set-up. If your community is not on SendGrid and want to benefit from this feature, open a Support ticket and request to change the email platform to SendGrid. 

SendGrid is Khoros’ default email relay set-up. SendGrid provides the means to successfully track events like successful email delivery, email delivery failure, and email being opened. These events are transmitted to Khoros using registered web-hooks. 

Learn more about Khoros email options

Who can access Email Metrics in Community Analytics?

Any user who could access Community Analytics would be able to access Email metrics as well. To access Community Analytics, a user needs to have either an Administrator role or Analytics role assigned.

Questions or Comments?

We are working on benchmarks and trends for Email Metrics. Meanwhile, you can contact your Customer Success Manager to provide you with these details, based on your industry. We also welcome any feedback to make this feature better! Thanks for reading!

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Interesting! Is there an easy way to find out if the community is using SendGrid? If you use email notifications OOB, then what would you be using?

Khoros Staff

Hi @Wendy_S , SendGrid is Khoros' default e-mail relay set up. However, this can be changed to either DKIM relay or a customer provided relay. The Technical Account Manager will be able to tell you the e-mail relay set-up a community is on. 


Thanks @SudheeshN