March 2023 Atlas Highlights

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The Metaverse and Online Communities: Khoros 101 - Here we will dive into the role of communities in the metaverse and how the evolution of key community considerations provide emerging opportunities for Brands.

TikTok, AI, and Influencers: a guide to 2023 social trendsOur guide to 2023 social trends offers insight into how social media will change this year. 

Read the report now and learn how to leverage this year's top trends to your advantage.

[Podcast] The Future of Conversational AI, with Khoros’ Gijs Van De Nieuwegiessen - This week is a fun one with Khoros VP of Automation, Gijs Van De Nieuwegiessen, and we discuss the velocity of conversational AI technology in different industries


2023 Khoros Brand Communities Roadmap - More details are coming soon. In the meantime, you can reach out to your CSM with any questions. We are beyond excited to bring the future of Community to you all this year!


Schedule posts at Recommended Publishing times - The "Recommended Times" feature helps in determining the optimal moment to publish content by evaluating the average engagement levels on previous posts over the last 90 days. 

Talkwalker Share of Voice widget - The new Topic Share of Voice widget breaks down Talkwalker data by topics selected at a dashboard or widget level.

Instagram First Comment - Increase reach and boost engagement on Instagram with Instagram first comment scheduling. Putting hashtags in the first comment can help get your content in front of more users without cluttering up your caption.


Digital-First Customer Service: The logical next step beyond self-service (Webinar Clip) - Brands have created a CX monster — beginning when customers are directed to “Call our 1-800 number.” Listen to Lans Crauer, Khoros Senior Business Value Consultant, share how brands can unravel this customer service mess to help deliver a truly digital-first, omnichannel experience. 

Omnichannel Fails Tipsheet - Ready to ramp up your omnichannel presence? Check out our tipsheet to learn how to avoid failures across the customer journey and set your omnichannel strategy up for success.

Secure Forms: Expire After First Viewing fields - Enable your agents to ensure that sensitive information provided by customers (e.g., credit card information) is secure and available only for initial reference.


Webinars & Events
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Join Khoros at Enterprise ConnectMarch 27-30th! Will you be in Orlando too? Use the code KHOROS to receive $500 off your registration.

We’d love to see you at our…

  • Khoros booth, #902 - come for the connections, stay for the prizes up for grabs!
  • Breakfast briefing - join us on Tuesday, March 28, at 7:30a in the Osceola and Sun Lobbies
  • Happy hour - come celebrate with us at the House of Blues Orlando on Tuesday, March 28, RSVP details to come so stay tuned

Engaging Atlas Discussions
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We saw some great discussion last month about ChatGPT and its potential uses in the customer experience. @StanGromer@tyw@brittanycarmona, and @Malcolm-M chimed in on how they see things, and the convo full of thought-provoking insights.

In the Developer Discussion forum, @waldemarhelm brought up a great topic: how to create a Community component that shows users you want to list as experts. @VikasB@steffenschoene@mcalcaterra and @luk all brought great ideas and follow-up questions - thanks for helping out, everyone!

On the strategy side of Community, @adriana4u asked how to show your community members which of your community moderators are currently online. @JasonHill shared some helpful ideas (and pitfalls to avoid) with such an approach.

How can community managers view a list of recent Accepted Solutions, @SamsungJustin asks?
 @Drew_C@i_am_ryan and @jamiemccardle all chimed in with different ways to do it. Thanks for being awesome, Titans!

Top Engaged Contributors

Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @JasonHill@StanGromer@keithkelly@Drew_C, @tyw@jamiemccardle, @CarolineS, @Akenefick@Lief, and @luk!

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