March 2024 Atlas Highlights

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Khoros Academy | Early Access Launch: You asked, and we listened. Khoros Academy will offer eLearning courses and role-based learning paths that teach you how to use commonly used capabilities of our Khoros solutions. 

Currently, this is an invite-only, early access period for new users beginning today through the end of April. If you are interested in joining the Khoros Academy Early Access Program, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 


Khoros Fresh Features Product Release & Roadmap WebinarJoin our upcoming Fresh Features webinar to learn about recent releases, new product enhancements, and future roadmap from the Khoros product team. 

Khoros product leads will then take your questions in a dedicated Q&A session on the latest Khoros innovations across our Community, Care, and Marketing products that power our Brand Communities, Social Media Management, and Digital Service solutions.


Strategic Services Global Trend Round Up: 29th February 2024: Congrats everyone, we made it to March! Check out the latest trends and updates including mentions of robots and Artificial intelligence.




Fresh Features Ep 3, January 2024 | Khoros Social Media Management: Check out these new social media software capabilities that make social publishing and engaging even easier.


AAA Customer StoryAAA is a trusted member organization for millions across North America. From roadside assistance to insurance, AAA gives its members peace of mind during life’s pivotal moments. A distributed business model helps AAA serve its customers wherever. The company deployed content-sharing best practices to support its goal of delivering a seamless customer experience across its federation.




Fresh Features Ep 3, January 2024 Launch | Khoros ServiceOur team is excited to share the latest features of our customer service software. See what new capabilities are available now.


Apple Business Manager rich linksWhen agents send URLs through Apple Business Manager conversations, those URLs are now sent as rich links so that customers can preview the content before opening links.




Fresh Features Ep 3, January 2024 Launch | Khoros CommunitiesLearn more about the two new engagement features, Ideas, and Rank, now available in the next generation of Khoros Communities.


Zoom Customer StoryWhen the pandemic caused people around the globe to retreat to their homes, Zoom quickly became a household name that represented human connection. COVID-19 spurred exponential growth in Zoom’s user base, and customers sought more online support than ever.

Zoom needed to quickly and efficiently scale customer service to keep this large user base satisfied. The tech company created the Zoom Community to serve as an online self-service support forum; a space where global customers could ask questions, find answers, and exchange knowledge.


You Found it! We Fixed it!It was found that after a Group Hub was moved to another category, the API to return the number of Group Hubs in a category did not return the correct result. This issue is now fixed. 

Previously, an exception was thrown when you tried to add custom cookies on communities version 23.10 and later. This issue is now fixed. Now you can successfully add custom cookies. 


Community Aurora 24.2 Release NotesThis release comes with enhancements on Badges, Events, reporting inappropriate content, bypassing moderation,  automatically and manually escalating forum discussions and replies to Salesforce, and moving content within the community. We've introduced metrics for Events and new metrics for Ideas. It also includes APIs to escalate cases to Salesforce, report abuse on User profile, and APIs for Badges and adding custom fields.


Webinars & Events
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Community works: How Esri drives customer success and business value Thursday, Mar-07-2024 | 5pm GMT | 12 pm EST | 11am CT | 9am PST


Khoros Fresh Features Product Release & Roadmap Webinar Tuesday, March 26
Fresh Features Presentation | 10 am CT / 4 pm BT
Fresh Features Live Q&A | 10:30 am CT / 4:30 pm BT


Engaging Atlas Discussions
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How do you create a custom form landing page for your community? Kudos to @nbalogh and @CarolineS for digging into how this can be done, and for helping out @maggiebrennan!

You might think twice about changing node names in your community, knowing it might impact SEO. Thanks to @AbhishekIlindra  and @Claudius for addressing the concern and helping out @obrienpaule at the same time!

Special Shoutout: Are you a developer interested in learning more about the Aurora SDK? Chime in here with a comment to show your interest in our upcoming developer conference. We'll be sharing more details in the near future.


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