Presenting the Next Generation Community Software

Khoros Staff


Today, Khoros announces the launch of a game-changing new version of the Khoros Communities solution. With powerful new tools and features, the Aurora version empowers users to create more engaging member experiences and fully integrate community into their digital ecosystem. 

Read the full announcement here.

Key advancements and features of this update include:

Simple setup, endless potential: Communities deployed and evolved faster with minimal setup services required, using a robust set of expertly designed and preconfigured templates.



Drag-and-drop design: Easily customize page layouts, navigation, and make design changes to your community with a new drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the need for custom code.



Elevated insights: Surfacing insights is easier and more enjoyable with a wholly redesigned Analytics app within Administrator Settings. Updated insights include new analytics APIs, health and engagement metrics, reports, and more.



AI-enhanced moderation: Supercharge community management with workflow automation, organization, and AI-driven content filters that let you spend more time on strategy and less on routine tasks.


A more open, flexible platform: Build exclusive community experiences and custom integrations without limits using an evolved API-first architecture with a robust new GraphQL layer.


Enhanced member experience: Increase engagement with beautiful, responsive, and accessible end-user experiences powered by an updated web application framework.



Peering into the next generation: Benefits of Aurora 

The features offered by the Aurora version will help shape a new reality for online communities — adding immense value and new workflows that revolutionize the way that community is deployed, managed, and scaled. 

Improved productivity for community managers 

The platform’s drag-and-drop design empowers community managers to make changes on the fly without involving outside teams like IT. An out-of-the-box setup with preconfigured templates enables users to start making progress in their community faster. AI-enhanced moderation and workflow automation enhance efficiency on back-end moderation tasks.



Decrease the total cost of ownership

This new version of Khoros Communities offers improved ease of use and pre-packaged setup that vastly reduces the need for paid implementation services. 


Prove ROI and empower data-driven decisions 

In using elevated insights such as new analytics dashboards, widgets, and APIs, community teams can take more informed actions and get on-demand insight into what is and isn’t resonating with customers. Moreover, the next generation of Khoros Communities enables faster, more focused innovation with a bulk-data API and community firehose that feeds data to analytics engines like Microsoft Power BI.


Extend the reach and impact of a brand-owned community

The redesigned platform architecture contains an API-first approach and updated developer workflows to make it faster and easier to build custom integrations, meaning users can connect to the entire tech stack and leverage valuable community data throughout the journey.


Empower impactful member experiences 

Above all, this new version empowers community managers to accelerate organic growth by attracting new community members and keeping them with faster, easier-to-use, and more impactful member experiences.


How to Get Started with the Next Generation of Khoros Communities

Contact your dedicated account executive or customer success manager to learn more about the new version of Khoros Communities. You can also get up-to-speed on the update using our Getting Started Guides or by taking a tour of Aurora.

Check out additional customer training and support resources on the Community Aurora page, and stay tuned as we release more learning opportunities in the coming months.