Updates to Sign In/Registration

Khoros Staff

We’ve made changes to the Atlas Sign In/Registration page with the hopes that it will make it easier for members to understand how and where they can log into Atlas. When landing on the sign in page, users will have two options they can choose from:

The Marketing Customers button will allow Khoros Marketing users (formally Spredfast) to sign or register into Atlas via Signal Sign On (SSO). If you use Khoros Marketing and another Khoros product, we recommend you sign in using Marketing SSO. 

If you are NOT a Marketing Customer and want to learn more about Atlas registration, follow this link.



The All Others Users button will allow users to sign in or register using the Atlas sign in/registration form. “All other users” includes Khoros Care users, Khoros Communities users, Partners, Khoros staff, and non-Khoros customers.


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