2020 Customer Awards: Pandora - Rookie of the Year

2020 Customer Awards: Pandora - Rookie of the Year

Pandora_Logo_RGB_thumbnail_new_large.pngCompany: Pandora

Company background: Pandora is a leading music and podcast discovery platform, providing a highly-personalized listening experience to approximately 70 million users each month with its proprietary Music Genome Project® and Podcast Genome Project® technology - whether at home or on the go - through its mobile app, the web, and integrations with more than 2,000 connected products. As the largest streaming music provider in the U.S., with an industry-leading digital audio advertising platform, Pandora connects listeners with the audio entertainment they love. Pandora is a subsidiary of Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI). Together, Pandora and SiriusXM have created the world's largest audio entertainment company.

Contact: Erick Linares

Title: Community Manager

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Lithy category: Rookie of the Year

1. Describe your company and your organization.
The Pandora Community Team is a team of 1 Community Manager along with 3 Moderators who manage the Support forums, discussion/playlist swap forums, Feature Requests ideation board and the Pandora Features blog.

2. Why did you choose to invest in Khoros and what was your experience before making the switch from a previous solution or investing in new technology.
- Bring support offering up to date with self-service, available 24/7 Community Forums

- Provide our listeners with space where we could broadcast and highlight existing and new services/features.

- Deflect support cases from our email channel - Innovate with direct feedback from our existing cx's

3. What were your goals when investing in Khoros technology and what successes have you already experienced because of the investment? Please include metrics, is possible.
- We strive to maintain a source of accurate and helpful information while facilitating opportunities to champion Pandora in moments contextually relevant to our customers' lives.

We launched on Sept 4, 2019:

- Goal: ~4k monthly registrations, averaging ~4.5k/month

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- Goal: ~100k page views a month, averaging ~151k page views/month

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Build an implementation where listener data triggers our badging system:

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