2021 Customer Awards: Sanofi Consumer Healthcare - Small but Mighty

2021 Customer Awards: Sanofi Consumer Healthcare - Small but Mighty

ConsumerHealthcare_EN_RVB.jpgCompany: Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Contact: Jay Patel

Title: Consumer Care Manager

Kudos Category: Small but Mighty

1. Describe your company and your organization.
Sanofi Consumer Healthcare US is the OTC and Personal Care arm of Sanofi – a global pharmaceutical company with a mission is to empower life. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare US is dedicated to helping individuals serve healthier, fuller lives by offering relief to our patients and consumers in key categories including Allergy, Pain, Sleep, Digestive Health, and Personal Care. 

2. Why did you choose to invest in Khoros?

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare US division has unique needs that make it imperative for the company to invest in a platform that allows us to ingest, classify, and respond to consumer comments through social media. Khoros’ streamlined and easy-to-use Agent, Analytics, and Manage tabs make it easy for us to manage our 14 consumer brands. 

The platform’s simple tagging and prioritization features allow our team to quickly identify adverse events (AEs) and product technical complaints (PTCs) -- both of which must be reported in a strict, timely manner as mandated by the FDA -- and to seamlessly engage with our brands’ biggest advocates by replying to their comments, questions, and messaging without ever leaving Khoros. 

Khoros’ reporting and analytics allows us to generate easy-to-digest yet detailed brand and company reports using preformatted graphs and personalized reporting based on each brand’s unique needs.  

Lastly, the all-you-can-eat access to trends and chatter allows us to quickly uncover patterns surrounding our brands, categories, and competitors. 

3. How does Khoros help you deliver results beyond what a team your size normally can do?

Khoros has reset the standard of social moderation for Sanofi Consumer Healthcare US. Prior to in-housing our social moderation, we depended on multiple brand agencies to different sets of brands. Our use of Khoros has allowed us to bring social moderation into our larger customer service strategy and allow Sanofi Consumer Healthcare employees to be the real voice of our company and brands. When we started looking for a social moderation service, it was with the sole intention of replying to comments, and reporting AEs and PTCs. But Khoros’ breadth of easy-to-use features and services allowed our in-house team to track, manage, and visualize a larger set of data than expected and allowed us to move beyond simple moderation to using our consumer social activity to serve as actionable insights for our brand teams. 

As COVID-19 changed the healthcare landscape, we saw a rise in telehealth and consumers taking their health concerns to the internet. Khoros helped us take away one more barrier between our consumers and our products by allowing us to communicate directly with our consumers from one central location. With Khoros  have been able to quickly resolve issues, address questions, and, ultimately, play a more personal role in our consumer and patients’ healthcare journeys.  



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