2022 Customer Awards: General Motors - Holistic Customer Engagement Platform

2022 Customer Awards: General Motors - Holistic Customer Engagement Platform




Company: General Motors

Company background: Our goal is to deliver world-class customer experiences at every touchpoint and do so on a foundation of trust and transparency. Our vision is a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion Our diverse team of 155,000 employees brings their collective passion for engineering, technology and design to deliver on this ambitious future. And the bold commitments we’ve made are moving us closer to realizing this vision.

Contact: Christine Darbonne

Title: Experience Delivery Manager, CoE & Social Care, CX Org

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Kudos Category: Holistic Customer Engagement Platform

1. Tell us about your integration or unification strategy for connecting multiple CX teams and tools.
At GM, we strive to provide the best possible customer experience across all our channels. Partnering with Khoros, we have built a unified platform that includes Marketing, Social Care, Chat, AI, Community, and CXI that allows us to provide our customers with solutions no matter where we engage with them.

Our integration strategy has also included adding WhatsApp for our Middle East Operations, Modern Chat for our European customers, TikTok moderation, and Streamlined entry points for our e-Commerce team.

Integrating Brandwatch has provided us with a powerful way to further identify and route conversations, as well as an avenue that empowers us to better understand the needs of our customers.

Our business is complex and our existing knowledge solution currently houses a remarkable number of articles.  Harnessing our Community, we’re able to see direct questions as posed by our customers and also identify good answers that can then be recirculated. Not only does this yield helpful insights, it also provides us with a means to benefit from our Community’s self-help atmosphere.  Having a fully integrated knowledge base which surfaces easy to find solutions for our customers and dealers has been a main goal with the Community platform. Additionally, using CXI helps us gather a 360 VOC view of our customers’ insights and the ability to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement related to the overall customer experience.

2. What specific impact(s) has a more holistic engagement platform had on your customer and/or employee experiences?
Holistically speaking, consolidating multiple channels into a single platform has given our internal teams the ability to monitor all conversations. With this feature in place, we can turn our attention to focus on situational conversations rather than those on individual channels. Taking this approach empowers GM to meet our goal of earning “Customers for Life”.

3. What specific business outcomes and successes have you measured resulting from those improved employee and/or customer experiences? Please use metrics if possible.
A consolidated platform has enabled us to streamline and improve training and routing conversations to the appropriate teams. Through Intent detection utilizing bots, Push and Claim next features, as well as the Available work queue, we’ve been able to have a global and comprehensive view of analytical data across our channels while allowing for local influence on how teams prefer to work.


Going further, over the last year, we’ve seen the following improvements related to the customer and agent experience:

  • 19% improvement in Customer Care Agent Utilization
  • 93% Positive CSAT for Resolved Issues
  • 19% Improvement in TAR SLA
  • 38% Reduction in Overall Avg TAR
  • 14% Reduction in Avg First TAR
  • 75% Reduction in Avg Subsequent TAR