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Lithys 2018: Comcast - Social Support Champion

Lithys 2018: Comcast - Social Support Champion

corporate_logo-comcast_.jpgCompany: Comcast

Company background: Comcast brings together the best in media and technology. We drive innovation to create the world's best entertainment and online experiences. We are at the forefront of change and move at an amazing pace, thanks to our remarkable people, who bring cutting-edge products and services to life for millions of customers every day. From our products to our people, we’re committed to delivering the best experience possible so our customers can do more and enjoy more of what they love.

Contact: Cassie Hart

Title: Analyst, Digital Care

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Lithy category: Social Support Champion

1. What were your organization’s social customer service initiatives in 2017-2018?

• Improve Customer Experience

• Reduce Customer Wait Time

• Meet Customers Where They Are

2. What was the most important customer issue you were looking to solve via your digital technology (e.g. community and/or social media management platform)? What makes your approach to customer satisfaction a gold standard in the industry?

In years past, Comcast’s Digital Care Team has had much success in supporting our customers through Lithium’s technology. This year, the focus was to distribute that data to key stakeholders while continuing to improve team initiatives.


To better measure the impact engagement agents have on service levels, the team deployed its first-ever agent facing dashboard to view and track real-time accessibility to performance; the same metrics for which agents are held accountable. It also fosters healthy competition amongst the agents to work harder than their neighbor. Having the data readily accessible also empowers supervisors and managers better guide their team’s performance while maintaining key operational metrics and opportunities, such as customers in queue, wait time, and backlog.Lithy_2.png

The team has also seen operational improvements as a result of implementing the Claim Next, an enhancement that delivers a new and improved way of handling social customer care conversations. Claim Next removes subjectivity and ‘cherry-picking’ from the queue workflow stabilizing response time to accurately represent time to average response. Additionally, the functionality improves efficiency, simplifies the process of claiming new conversations and delivers a better customer experience, ensuring customers are assisted on a first come, first serve basis.

Specialists are also now forced to work with customer situations they may have previously avoided, pushing themselves to become more well-rounded agents for the future.

Most recently, the team integrated artificial intelligence for Facebook Messenger to create a more seamless customer and agent experience. Partnering with Lithium, the new Xfinity Assistant authenticates customers through Messenger which allows the Digital Care agent to focus on troubleshooting and resolving the customer’s issue.  It provides the customer with a digital, self-service solution that offers an option for seamlessly transferring to the Digital Care team when needed.

The team also worked to socialize its data to more business partners throughout the company. Utilizing the Lithium monitor walls and dashboards, Digital Care’s performance can be seen by executives all the way to frontline agents. Team located in a certain division have direct access to their specific customer base through the regionally focused monitor walls that compare trends and insights from three geographical areas that make up the Comcast footprint. Utilizing automated tagging, trending issues can now be tied to a specific area and provides faster turnaround time for a resolution.

3. Please share customer satisfaction metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as agent and response time metrics (e.g. CSAT, decreased customer complaints, call deflections, agent SLA, manual processes eliminated)

  • 30% increase in the number of agents who improved performance metrics (Achieving Expectations or better)
  • 6% increase in productivity (responses per hour) due to Claim Next
  • 37% deflection rate with implementation of artificial intelligence BOT
  • Improved locational data with implementation of auto-region tags
  • Added three new divisional specific monitor walls for increased national visibility
  • Maintained highest tNPS within the company