Lithys 2018: TIM - B2C Community Innovator

Lithys 2018: TIM - B2C Community Innovator

Company: TIM

Company background: TIM is the single brand name for the whole Telecom Italia Group, which operates in the market through a strategy of shared value for the company and the community. TIM is the leading ICT group in Italy, enabler of the country's digital life, thanks to the development of ultra broadband infrastructure and the dissemination of innovative services. TIM is committed to satisfying the most advanced and sophisticated customer requirements with state-of-the-art services: convergence and quadruple play solutions (fixed and mobile telecommunications + internet + premium digital content), evolved cloud platforms and IT solutions. Numbers at June 30, 2018: TIM ITALY customers: 31.6 million mobile lines, of which 13.3 million are BB and UBB users, 19.3 million fixed accesses, of which 15 million are BB and UBB retail plus wholesale accesses. TIM BRASIL customers: 56.6 million mobile lines, of which more than 31.3 million are BB users.

Contact: Annalisa Ercole

Title: Digital Marketing Manager

Related URLs: We TIM 

Lithy category: B2C Community Innovator

TIM overall full customer view: a superior user experience. 

TIM is building a new digital ecosystem with the new APP MyTIM as first touch point for all the self-care needs, assistance and ecommerce. The principal goal is to create a “superior user experience” having a direct and preferential point of access to discover and use all TIM services.

The We TIM community is totally integrated to this ecosystem and the use of the SMM on all social channels included the new APP TIM Personal, with the instant messaging channel, is indeed a compelling strategy to improve the CX and be near the customer having a total view of his journey and needs. This total view helps the moderation and caring strategy in having a personalized approach while avoiding being redundant, and helping each individual customer.

The SMM has been just implemented to cover the instant messaging within the TIM Personal application, which is a part of the MyTIM App, on the instant messaging customer can talks each other or request the support/assistance of the customer care. Also on Facebook and Twitter operators are using the SMM to manage customers caring requests.

The MyTIM digital ecosystem is also ready to be connected with AI solution that will increase efficiency and CX.

The structure of the community has been thought to simplify the offerings and services of TIM that cover quadruple play solution (fixed and mobile telecommunication + internet + premium content).

The idea behind the concept is to cover the total TIM universe, to give customers a community where they can share information, solutions and experience. The community aesthtic has been designed with space and universe concepts in all elements: in the gamification, use of cosmonauts, rockets, planets and stars; the like has become a TIM star!
The main goal was to create an environment positive and friendly. The community We TIM launched June 2017 (the all community has been customized in less than 2 month) and in less than one year, has been redesigned to improve accessibility to the solutions and creation of content. The redesign has been evaluated in 4 steps:

  • Collecting feedback from the community (mostly from superusers)
  • Appling heat maps and member journey
  • Building a benchmark on other communities identifying ideal functionalities
  • Studying the best integration with the APP MyTIM

   Starting design (heat map):


The new design has been developed to be totally responsive and integrated with the new MyTIM Application.

The structure has been simplified giving importance to the search bar and to the access point. The blog ‘News from the TIM world’, ‘Helping Guides’ and ‘Life on Community’ are the 3 first visible areas in order to give updates to members like the function “Hot Topics”.

The button ‘Ask the community’ is placed just before all the categories in order to push the members in asking for solution on their question. The second scroll page is completely dedicated to the Community life and gamification, identifying the best behaviours to have and the ways to become a Star in the community. The leader boards are just below with latest request and best answer visible with a rolling animation.

When the customer is logged-in, the ‘Profile Board’ is visible on each page of the community, giving information on number of stars received, conversations and solutions.

 New design:


Mobile design:


Profile board:


On WeTIM the customer/member engagement is central in the entire editorial planning and community management. The gamification solution has been enhanced using surprise badges, events, contest and chat groups.

  • Surprise badges have been linked to particular event or seasonal period ie. the “Longest Lunar Eclipse”.
  • Events contest like the activity linked to the co-marketing of TIM with Solo – A Star Wars story, all superusers have been invited to the film premiere and for the occasion customized avatar and badges have been created.
  • The chat group for the Sanremo Festival has been a different point of contact with the members discovering their preferences and opinions.
  • The Beta Testing of the new MyTIM App has been another way to reward all superusers and most interested members to give them a first preview of the new App. To manage the entire test has been developed a landing page for the request and to flag the test’s T&C, and 2 closed groups respectively for Android and iOS to facilitate the communication and feedback sharing.

Badges (more than 50 badges with space mood artwork)



Content creation and SEO are part of the community moderation strategy, every week we create new contents to inform, engage and guides to solution our customers. Part of the strategy is to review post’ title and contents in SEO logic, in order to gain the best position on Google search results. In July’18 impressions from Google have been 3.3 mln with a CTR of 14.8%, with an increase of 106% from the beginning of the year. This is a big opportunity to be always at the first page of the search for particular arguments and be quickly helpful. Also the Italian SEO guru Aranzulla (very famous IT influencer in Italy, his website has 14 million users and 25 million pages visited per year), has recently published more than one articles on his website ( where advises readers to visit the TIM community in case of technical problems. ie: “TIM Wi-Fi modem

That is a significant demonstration of the positive impact of We TIM on the IT sphere.

The community WeTIM in its early stages can be considered a successful project; KPIs are growing month over month and the Community health indicator (CHI) score averages over 700. After the redesign, the number of posts increased 49% (+137% mobile content creation), the member time on the community increased 30% and we achieved the following results:

  • 44% increase in new registered members
  • 82% increase in new mobile registered members
  • 46% increase in member entrance
  • 55% increase in unique visitor
  • 473%increase in mobile users liking content
  • 122% increase in solution views

 We’ve built an unique ecosystem to cater to our customers and have seen important results in terms of satisfaction and advocacy to the brand.


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