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Working with Khoros during Major Events

Working with Khoros during Major Events

We know that there are events that specific communities consider "major" for their business -- whether this is the Superbowl , Black Friday/Cyber Monday, a live event, a new product launch, a relaunch of your design, a demo for executives, or any one of a dozen other scenarios, it is our goal to work with you to ensure that events are as seamless as possible.  



Khoros is committed to ensuring that you are supported 24/7/365 on any outages.  We have a comprehensive guide to outages and information about our general status page available for you to take a look at, but the summary of this is that if you or your customer's are down or unable to work, let us know and we'll quickly take a look to see what's going on! You can always keep up to date on our status page where we do our best to provide insight to outages impacting multiple customers. 


Being Proactive

Assuming you know ahead of time that you have a major event coming up, please let us know as early as possible - at least a week - if not more - is ideal! Although we have monitoring in place to help mitigate issues as best as possible, the best situation is where we can proactively review allocated resources, your server side setup, and make sure that there simply aren't any issues!  


Reaching Out

If you have a Technical Account Manager via Premium Support or CSM, please make sure that they and Support are aware of your impending event so that they can pay attention to it.  If you don't, don't despair! Open a support case letting our team know that you have an event coming, what the date and time of it is and that you'd like us to take a look to see if there's anything that needs to be done to help prevent an impact on you or your customers.  If you can add Proactive to the case subject, it'll help us organize the solution as well. Depending on need and contracted level of support, this may require some additional conversations to figure out what is necessary to help you be successful.


The above applies to whether you're a Care, Communities, Marketing, or JX customer! 

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