Slides from CX Live

Is there somewhere that we can get a copy of the slide decks that were used for the various presentations at CX Live?

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+1 - I think it was mentioned during the session that there was no need to take pics of the slides because they would be making them available.  Hoping that's still the case.  🙂

Yes, slides please. 🙂 

I assumed that they would be available in relatively timely manner based on the comment that pictures were not needed. 

Hey all- 

We will have an update for you on this shortly! Some presenters prefer they are contacted directly for the deck so once we have everyone's preferred method of sharing, we will do so. 




If you would like to access slides from CX Live Austin, please send a note to your CSM with the request. 

thanks so much!



I'm a new user from Melbourne. I'm attending the CX Live event tomorrow.

I don't have a CSM currently. Is there another way of getting access to the Austin slides please?

I'd like to do some pre-reading of any relevant content.



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We don't have a CSM currently either (anymore)

Would love the slides, specifically of the community roadmap.



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Yep, we'd love to take another look at the slides as well. Why not a link to a file here?

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