Atlas Series: Modernizing Digital Care

Khoros Staff

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Ready to modernize your digital care program?

Allison Fasching, Customer Solutions Director shares experiences and best practices in the Digital Care space. Discover ways to build a new program, optimize your existing program or prepare to grow, while ensuring your teams and tools are focusing on “Customer First” engagement!

What’s this all about?

Some of the topics we will cover are, Getting Started with your new Care program, Forecasting, Analysis, Optimization, and Growth. We’ll also talk about Change Management, and why you should be prioritizing this throughout your program journey.  

So, ready to get started? 

Dive in and enjoy! Don’t forget to drop any questions you have into the comments for our experts to answer.  At the bottom of each blog is a link to the next and previous article to help you glide through the series.

Part 1) Getting Started or Expandingget started.png

In this video/blog, we cover a few questions we often get from our customers and prospects about getting started or expanding your Digital Care program.

Part 2) Forecasting & Staffingforecast.png

In this session, we will cover a few questions we often get from our customers and prospects about ways to help manage change, forecast staff, and cover multiple channels.

Part 3.1) Analyze, Optimize & Growanalyze.png

Knowing how to analyze, optimize, and grow Care programs will be the key to your success. Given the complexity, I have created a 3 part blog to cover each of these topics. In this first section, we will discuss the analysis you should be doing on an ongoing basis.

Part 3.2) Analyze, Optimize & GrowOptimize.png

If you did your homework from the Analysis blog, then you likely have a ton of answers, and probably even more questions! In this session we will talk about the Optimization of your Care programs, this is something that can benefit you no matter the maturity of your Care programs.

Part 3.3) Analyze, Optimize & GrowGrow.png

Now that your team is a well-oiled machine, it's time to grow your Care program. In this session, we will talk about things to consider when growing your Care programs, if you haven’t already please be sure to read and consider the steps in Analyze and Optimize

Part 4) Change ManagementChange MGMT.png

In this blog, we will talk about some Change Management best practices that can be applied to both expected and unexpected changes. 

Questions? Comments? Thoughts?

If you have any questions on the tips provided, please comment below and I’ll get back to you! If you enjoyed this and want to further explore the subject, please download our eBook, Modernizing your contact center.

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