Khoros Rebranding and Agent UI Refresh

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We are excited to announce that the user interface of Khoros Care (formerly Lithium SMM/Response) will be getting a visual refresh. This move to the new Khoros branding will modernize the look and feel, and improves some accessibility issues.

The only changes to the layout of the user interface will be on the login/password reset pages (for customers that DO NOT have SSO configured). Other changes--primarily font sizes and color adjustments--will enhance the user interface, but will absolutely not change the layout, nor disrupt agent workflows.

If you have feedback on these changes, we would love to hear it. This is a change that will be enabled for all customers by Khoros, and individual customers will not have a choice on when/if to enable it. It will be turned on automatically when the cut over date is determined.


The Why

  • While our agents love our UI, we have gotten feedback from our customers that it looks outdated.
  • We have a number of Accessibility improvements that require some internal changes including larger font sizes and AA compliant contrast for low vision.
  • As a company, we need to rebrand the interface from Lithium to Khoros.


The Changes

  • The login screen will be changing to a Khoros branded login screen with a different layout for those customers that do NOT have Single Sign On configured.
    • Khoros Login Screen V1: temporary to set context of new merger/brand (full screen preview here)
      • Scheduled for end of May 2019 release.
    • Khoros Login Screen V2: long term version which removes context of new merger/brand text
  • The Agent View will have (full screen preview here)
    • Better font sizes following AA standards
    • Better contrast with at least a 4.5:1 contrast ratio for text
    • Fewer gradients
    • Cleaner buttons
    • More legible text
  • Match the new overall brand look and feel
    • The Navigation bar at the top will be changing to a darker color and display the Khoros logo.
    • Better Accessibility improving on our overall WCAG2.0 compliance (helps reduce eye strain for people using the tool all day)
    • Cleaner UI


Key Takeaway

The Agent View does not change the orientation of buttons, layouts, functionality and most importantly, efficiency. (full screen preview here)

Agents will simply have a more modern looking UI, with all buttons and UI elements in the same location.

There is no change for the login URLs for both .response and .app:


@JustinF  this new UI for the agent screen is fab and feels much more up to date and fresher.

I have a couple of questions:

What is the date of the May release?

When are other screens getting the UI refresh i.e. Analytics, Supervisor etc?




I hope they are also including the UI enhancement to keep Conversation tags always visible at the top of the conversation in the agent view. 😛


It seems to me that the new UI looks somehow bloated. (At least it takes more space to display the same number of conversations.) Is there a way to compress it in order to reduce scrolling for people using the tool all day?

Many Thanks,

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@FranzG – we will absolutely be keeping the conversation tags sticky in the new UI. All current functionalities and features will continue to work post UI refresh.

@IngoS – part of our UI refresh initiative is making our product more accessible, which does mean that text sizes and spacing can't be as compact as they have historically been. I have been playing around in the QA environment and one workable solution might be to zoom out with the browser to get a more compact view, the view currently scales very well using that technique. We would love to get more feedback from you after we make the UI change, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts or concerns!

Khoros Expert

@louisamartin The new login screen is rolling out in the next few days.

We do not have a timeline to communicate changes to other areas of the application. The Agent view and login screens are the main focus.

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Do you happen to know when the new Agent view will be rolling out? Also, will the Lithium SMM mobile app be getting this new look as well?

Love the new UI looking forward to that. @JustinF What is the ETA on the full rollout?

Khoros Oracle

@Dinesh_Bhalaji @louisamartin @FranzG @IngoS We just posted an update on the Agent UI refresh, with a target launch date of July 24. 


When will the agent view UI is getting updated? 

Khoros Oracle

@sandy56006 The Agent UI update target is during the standard maintenance windows on Wednesday, July 24 - please see the latest post with more details.