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Moderate Communities Like a Pro with Manage View

Content Coordinator

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Why all the excitement over Manage View?

Moderating a large community is challenging; you have multiple boards, discussion styles, types of users, and tons of content. Wouldn't it be great to have a broad view of everything happening in your community? Manage View offers a simple solution to gain community-wide insight, making it the perfect daily starting point. And the big secret? Manage View is already available for you to start using today.


How about a few surface-level benefits?

  • Manage View fits naturally between the native community and agent view, serving the needs of those responsible for community growth and success.
  • Access to the detailed author profile and full conversation history is right where Community Managers and Moderators need it.
  • It helps community managers and moderators find, prioritize, act on, and track the posts that need attention.
  • Easily plan, organize, implement, and measure required actions in the community

Okay, I'm excited, how can I use Manage View right now?

Getting started couldn't be easier; simply click the 'manage' option. If this option isn't visible, or you want to grant another user view access, here's how you or your Care Admin can quickly enable it

Manage View offers a simple command center interface, with columns that can be built up with specific boards, topics, user ranks, unanswered posts, and more, giving you a panoramic glimpse into your community. From Manage View, you can quickly take action through Khoros’ fully-capable Response tool, or you can jump straight to that post in the community for advanced moderation options. 


Looks like the secret is out.

It’s time for moderators to get familiar with Manage View for Community Management and Moderation: we’ve got an entire development plan set to bring out more moderation and management capabilities in 2020. Are you Interested in broad community moderation but not yet using Khoros Care? We have a new Add On available for this feature, or you can speak to your account rep about trying it out!

Want to learn more about how to use Manage View with your community? Check out the latest free Product Coaching for Manage View for Community Moderation, head over to our documentation page on Atlas, or drop a comment below!

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