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Your customer experience team is no stranger to attrition — It's a tough gig! But the past two years have taken things to a new level of stress and burnout for your team. It doesn't stop with your frontline either. Leaders and executives, especially in the contact center, are struggling to backfill empty seats and train incoming employees — and they're paying mightily for it. The bad news is that these trends will probably continue, and possibly even increase, in 2022...

But you know we have your back. Our latest release delivers new tools that will help you keep employees — and customers — happy for years to come.

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Marketing Dashboards: Comparative Date Selector
An additional comparative date selector has been added next to the date selector, allowing you to view changes over time based on custom and pre-populated date ranges.

Improvements to Approval Reminder Emails
To facilitate efficient and timely approvals, we’ve  changed how, when and to whom we send the approval reminder emails:

  • Reminder emails will now be sent to each member of the approval team 3 hours before publishing.
  • Approvers will continue to receive reminders until the scheduled publishing time.
  • The author of the post is copied on the first and final approval reminder.
  • A confirmation email is sent to the author as soon as approval is provided.


(NEW) Khoros Care Foundations 
The perfect starting point for your training on the Social Response component of the Khoros Care Platform, this course provides a full introduction to the features and benefits of Khoros Care. These videos make reference to a pdf workbook, you can download this from the resources section of this article.

Chat more, sell more: How conversations unlock revenue 
In this on-demand webinar, you’ll see how brands can do more than just support with their chat offerings. Rather than simply allowing agents to answer questions, a modern chat solution can help agents suggest products and upgrades that are relevant to a particular customer.

New security settings: Password expiration / Previous Password Restriction 
We’ve added a new security setting that expires passwords and requires the user to create a new one and an additional requirement that the password must be different from the last 4 passwords used. 


[Podcast] Empowering Your Audience by Breaking Down Barriers
In this episode, we speak with Mary Taylor, (@mtaylor26440) Community Manager at Intel, about enabling and rewarding open dialogue for deeper customer engagement and return on investment.

OAuth 2.0: Client Credentials Flow
The Client Credentials Flow enables server-to-server authorization which grants access to read data from the community, based on the access provided by the assigned role for the client app without the need of any user credentials.

Community Analytics: Group Hub Name Filter
We have added a filter for Group Hub Name. You can specify a Group Hub name to retrieve the metrics for Group Hub, Conversations, Members, and Membership for that Group hub.


Webinars & Events
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Upcoming: Talkwalker + Khoros: Brands that feel the beat
Tuesday April 12th

Available On-demand

Community Manager Perspective: Talking community with ESRI

Chat more, sell more: How conversations unlock revenue


Engaging Atlas Discussions
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Thanks to @StanGromer  for sharing how Upwork built an online academy using Khoros. Complete with screenshots and some helpful code!

High five to @Drew_C PodcastBadge2.png along with @lolagoetz PodcastBadge2.png and (you guessed it) @StanGromer  for sharing insights with @Akenefick about things to keep in mind when changing the default Community e-mail sender address. You rock!


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