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Strategic Services: Weekly Trend Report 23/11/23On this week's Trend Report, we cover the latest TikTok trends, and Industry & Social Media News/Updates, with a dedicated section to OpenAI.



Notes included in Posts data exportNotes added in Khoros Marketing to posts in the Calendar now appear in data exports under Metadata Fields.

When an account is in multiple Initiatives and auto-import is included, Notes appear only for the Initiative the post was published through unless an Initiative is specified. As such, the best practice for seeing notes for auto-imported posts is to select the initiative for your export.


Publish threads to X (formerly Twitter)Users can now post threads to Twitter directly through Khoros Social Marketing. After choosing a Twitter account, select Twitter Thread from the Format drop-down menu.


Now Available: User Activity Logs & Activity Exports (Auth, Labels, Approvals, User)We have improved governance in Marketing by adding User Activity Logs to track actions taken by users inside Marketing.

Under Settings > User Management > We added a new section called User Activity Logs

Here you can see actions taken by a user on another user, on initiatives, and account sets.



CRM ConnectorThe new CRM Connector is now available in Care. The CRM Connector provides a seamless integration between Care and Salesforce Service Cloud that enables agents to manage CRM records and cases more efficiently while managing their customer conversations. 


New “Date Range” Change Log filterThe new Date Range filter for the Change Log enables admins to filter events by a predefined date range or a custom date range.

The Change Log updates to display only the administrative actions taken within the selected date range.



Consent for Embedding and Viewing YouTube and Vimeo VideosTo further comply with data privacy regulations, including GDPR, we've introduced an enhancement when uploading and viewing YouTube and Vimeo videos. 

With this enhancement, interested customers can request their community members' explicit consent to use and store third-party cookies (from YouTube and Vimeo) to create and view posts containing YouTube/Vimeo videos


Events content typeWe are pleased to announce that our new content type, “Events,” is ready for Beta. During this Beta period, you can explore the feature and begin setting up and testing events. We recommend not using this feature on your production community until the GA release early next year.


Ideas Dashboard for analyticsWith this release, we introduce the Ideas Dashboard. This dashboard shows the metrics related to Idea boards and Ideas in the community. Analytics users can also view engagement data for ideas, comments, and votes.


Webinars & Events
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Available On-demand

Unlocking Insights: Organic vs. Paid vs. Ads: Watch this webinar to understand better the different content types you can report on to help make informed, impactful decisions based on accurate data.


Agent Assist 101: Enhancing Customer Service EfficiencyWatch this webinar to learn more about agent assist's capabilities and how you can configure modules and widgets to drive agent efficiency.

Agent assist gives your Care agents the most relevant and helpful resources right at their fingertips, driving agent efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction.


Engaging Atlas Discussions
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Huge high-five to @tyw for sharing his team's process for reducing forum spam by 70%! From improving processes, to building automations and customizations, he lays out the steps they took so you can learn and try it for yourself. It's definitely worth a read.

Advanced community builders will appreciate this great exchange between @Jk07@VikasB and @AmanMalhotra about the differences between API v1 and v2 for pulling and manipulating community data. Special thanks to @AmanMalhotra for the very thorough and helpful reply - way to earn that Accepted Solution!

Ever wondered what the best way is to handle ex-employees who have posted in your community? @Mercedes_O kicked off a great discussion to find answers, and@AbhishekIlindra@tyw@CyJervis, and @JasonHill all shared their own insights. Thanks y'all for passing along your wisdom


Top Engaged Contributors

Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @tyw, @Claudius, @AbhishekIlindra, @CarolineS, @Toby, @Akenefick, @tminett94, @StanGromer, @CyJervis, and @Jk07!

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