June 2023 Atlas Highlights

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Hello Atlas members!

Summer is coming up quick! We have lots of resources to help you give your customers the experience they are expecting from you.

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Here’s the Atlas content you do not want to miss!

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Khoros Fresh Features Video: Resources and Q&A 
Learn how you can unlock the full power Khoros has to offer with these videos and resources covering the latest innovations available to you right now. 

Kudos Awards 2023
Is your brand using Khoros technology to deliver world-class digital customer experiences with strategies and results that others can learn from? Share your stories and successes with the fourth annual Khoros Kudos Awards!


Now Available: Improved Promoted Post Analytics
New features improving promoted post analytics, paid visibility, and overall data quality. 

A “Paid Metrics” toggle is located in the post section of dashboard filters. When the toggle is on, individual and cross-channel metrics missing paid data are combined with their ad counterpart.


Now Available: Improvements in Smart View Experience in Mobile Care
Smart Views filter data based on a specific set of conversations, author tags, applicable work queues, priority, and business hours. In Khoros Mobile Care, tap the Smart Views (lightbulb) icon to see the list of all shared Smart Views. 

Autosave for internal notes
When an agent enters an internal note for a conversation but does not click Add Note, their draft is retained.

Brand Messenger inline video playback support and location sharing
Users can now play video content from YouTube and Vimeo and share their location without ever leaving the Brand Messenger Modern Chat widget.


Take a video tour of Aurora
We've put together this video training course to help you get familiar with key features and concepts about Khoros' re-imagined Community Experience.

Announcement: AddThis Share button - End of Life
With the announcement from Oracle that AddThis will be decommissioned on May 31st, 2023, we will be ending our support of the AddThis share button on Community Classic.


Webinars & Events

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Advanced Labels Strategy: Advanced Product Webinars
Thursday, June 15th

Join this webinar to enhance the value of label sets in your social marketing initiatives. Structured labels provide a streamlined approach, enabling your team to maintain cohesion, enhance efficiency, and facilitate content tracking for future reporting and organizational purposes.

The Community Roundtable: State of Community Management
Thursday, June 29th

Join Jim Storer, The Community Roundtable, Kelly Stoker, Senior Community Strategist at Khoros, and Michael Puhala, as they discuss the State of Community Management 2023 report.

Available On-demand

Leveraging Smart Views: Advanced Product Webinar

Smart Views are advanced filters that Care users can leverage in Agent, Manage, and Analytics. Watch this webinar and improve your reporting tools, capabilities, and knowledge to inform data-driven decisions.


Engaging Atlas Discussions

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@CarolineS started a great discussion on how to spot ChatGPT-generated forum posts, which garnered some helpful ideas and strategies from others. Thanks for that, Caroline!

What's happening with tags & labels when they're merged in Aurora? @CyJervis kicked off a great convo that got engagement from our Titans, plus insights from our Product team - definitely worth a read.

Ever wanted to see what Support tickets your organization has in our Case Portal? @tyw shared a helpful tip on how to do just that (though note it requires Supervisor access to our Case Portal). Great tip!

Top Engaged Contributors

Special thanks to the current Atlas Top Engaged Contributors: @MarkIGibson, @CarolineS, @jamiemccardle, @Lief, @CyJervis, @tyw, @mounishat, @StanGromer, @Drew_C,  and @JasonHill!

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