Crisis monitoring within Intelligence?


Is there an easy way to set up a search within Intelligence to see what our competitors are posting about COVID-19 / Coronavirus? Also, if anyone is mentioning our company and COVID-19? We have a separate social media monitoring tool that we share with our traditional news media team, but wondering if Khoros could help us get a quick pulse on the situation and be able to directly reply/react if necessary. 

I will admit, getting more familiar with Intelligence was a 2020 priority for me, until COVID-19 took over our lives and has shifted current goals, so I'm looking for quick tips / best practices/ how others are using Intelligence during this unprecedented time. Thank you! 

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Hi Sarah, I don't work for Khoros, though am happy to share something that's worked for us.

Khoros Support can get new/additional listening rules implemented pretty quickly for you, for monitoring not just your own brand mentions + COVID-19, but comp sets as well.

I've been able to get some competitive social listening added into our data flows over time, into a separate work queue that my team doesn't see in their day-to-day work. I can have auto tagging apply to this queue just like the others, so Khoros helps get a pulse on what's going on not just around my brand, but around my industry. This has been helpful for crisis response tracking.

To monitor what a brand is posting about a situation, it's easiest to just set up some native, manual monitoring and check that a couple times per day. Hope this helps.


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Hey Sarah,

I have reached out to you individually but to answer your question here for future eyes, Yes, Khoros has created a product coaching session specific to this crisis and I have attached the link below. I hope you find this lesson valuable as our Khoros Product Coaching Team is aways here to help!

Justin Polak - CAE
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Hi Sarah,

I hope the other answers were helpful. We have a recommended topic to start off with:  (@brand OR #brand OR “brand name”) AND (coronavirus or #coronavirus or “corona virus” or “COVID-19” OR “covid19" OR “covid 19” OR #covid19 OR rona).

I'd recommend building this out as a general search as well as for your competitors. You can create these searches in one topic using different pill boxes so that you can switch between as necessary to get an idea of industry and overall conversation and how it's trending. I'd also recommend going back a week or two so you can have the context of volume of conversation. 

If you're looking for how users are mentioning your brand + Covid-19, Intelligence will show you only public mentions, so I'd recommend also having a queue in your care platform for that and for easy responses. You can use the same search query format there!


Kate Hodes, Senior Analyst, Strategic Services


Similar to what some others have posted, we've built a topic out as follows:


(Brand OR Brand(if there are any common misspellings) OR @Brand OR #Brand) AND (WuhanVirus or #WuhanVirus or COVID19 or CoronaVirus or "Corona Virus" or #CoronaVirus or COVID-19 or #COVID19 or #COVID-19 or #CoronavirusPandemic)


We found the different common tags for the Virus by searching Twitter and seeing how others were mentioning the virus.

So far it's pulled good results, and we set it up to email our executive team daily. 

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@sarahnilson There is also a post specifically about how to set up the Lucene rules in our customer Group Hub