2021 Customer Awards: Swisscom - Better Together: Customer Engagement

2021 Customer Awards: Swisscom - Better Together: Customer Engagement


Company: Swisscom

Company background: Swisscom is the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland. As number 1, we are shaping the future. Together we inspire people in the networked world.

Contact: Joel Viotti

Title: Business Owner

Kudos Category: Better Together: Customer Engagement

1. Tell us about your integration as well as your goal and key strategies.

Operational Excellence is a core value of Swisscom’s strategy in the next few years. This consists of implementing measures regarding digital transformation, efficiency as well as smart investments. Working towards a digital contact center with Khoros is helping us achieve our vision.

With the onboarding of Swisscom’s subsidiary brands in Khoros Care and Khoros Marketing, we were able to further improve the brand’s digital appearance by simplifying processes and aligning analytics.

Through a better together collaboration we are further able to improve the ROI using Khoros products.

2. Share your plan with the target audience and how your digital technology helped provide a better customer engagement experience.

Better Together across all Swisscom brands

By sharing our Khoros Care platform with our subsidiaries Localsearch, Blue and Wingo, we saw positive effects on the collaboration between the brands. New features and workflows can easily be exchanged and implemented for other parties.

Using Khoros Marketing for our Blue social media channels, we can take advantage of synergies by the ability to plan, schedule, publish, provide care and monitor posts within the Khoros product suite.

In combination with Khoros Community, agents across the brands get valuable insights depending on the customer’s question as verified solutions are automatically displayed within Khoros Care. This helps us maintain a high SLA of over 90% and achieve tNPS results of 64 points and higher.

The combination of those products helps us create customers for life.

"The efficiency in handling user requests has been increased and we benefit from greater internal know-how and manpower", Frédéric Ruffiner, Social Media Manager blue Entertainment. 

Better insights leading to smart business decisions

    • Analytics (Care)
      • Monitoring with Khoros Care helps us detect incidents in their early stages. Through smart alarm systems across the channels and brands, stakeholders are immediately informed in case of emergency. This leads to a unified incident communication on our public channels. 
      • Managing all public owned channels of Swisscom and their subsidiaries within Khoros Care helps us generate a much better 360° customer view. Customer feedback can be quantified and turned into business actions leading to better experiences and products for our customers.
      • Based on quantified analyzes in Khoros Care, we furthermore improve our content strategy.
    • Content/ Publishing (Marketing/ Community)

"Since we started working with Khoros, we are even closer to the pulse of our community. And that's across departments”, Harry Meier, Media Spokesman, Localsearch.

      • Recurring customer questions are being translated into proactive posts in the Swisscom Community. Topics can then be discussed in depth and this further relieves our touchpoints as verified solutions are available 24/7.
      • The ability to schedule and manage publishing cross-channel in Khoros Marketing further helps Blue not just being much more efficient but also be quicker to post time-critical content. This is especially important for our blue-sport-channels as they cover international sports events closely on multiple social channels. This led to a steady growth of followers over the past months.


3. What were the results? Tell us how it helped you meet your strategic goals. Please include metrics if possible.

  • Khoros Care: tNPS of 64 points and a sentiment conversion of 40% (neutral-positive) in Khoros Care for social media touchpoints.
  • Khoros Community: We almost doubled the channel share of the Swisscom Community in 2021 compared to 2020.
  • Khoros Marketing: By using Khoros Marketing our Blue Sports Social Media channel grew by 41%.